Monday, December 29, 2014

Samara Gets Stage Fright

"I'm going to try out for the school play." Samara Kingsley announced excitedly one day at breakfast as she reached for a piece of toast.

"Good for you."  replied her mother smiling proudly at Samara and scooping some eggs on to her daughter's plate.

Her older brother, Charlie laughed as he buttered his own toast. "Your going to be in the school play?" he said. "You get nervous just talking to people on the phone." Charlie opened his mouth to say more but he quickly closed it again when he saw the angry look his mother was shooting him. She could not have been more angry if there were actual fire coming out of her mouth.

"We are all happy for you and we will all be rooting for you. Right, Charlie?" she said in a way that made it very clear that Charlie had better agree with her and show some support for his sister.

"Yeah, yeah." Charlie replied. He quickly gulped down his breakfast and hurried out of the room before his big mouth got him into more trouble.

Samara sat quietly in her chair. Maybe, Charlie was right and she shouldn't try out for the play. "Do you think I really have a chance to be in the play?" she asked her mother.

"Of course, you do, sweetie." Her mother assured her. "I'm so proud of you that you want to try-out." she added hugging Samara.

Samara beamed proudly and all her excitement returned. She couldn't wait for school and the auditions.

School dragged slowly. The auditions were after school. Samara sat nervously in the auditorium and waited for her turn to audition. She was a little bit nervous but once she started speaking she was okay. Afterwards, the drama teacher, Mrs. Drexel handed out the parts. Samara held her breathe until she heard Mrs. Drexel say "And playing the part of the handmaiden will be Samara Kingsley." Samara let out a huge happy sigh as a giant smile spread across her face. The handmaiden wasn't the lead but it was a nice sized part. The show was about a princess and the handmaiden was her faithful servant. Samara couldn't wait to go home and share her good news with her family.

"Oh, Samara, baby, that's wonderful!" exclaimed her mother excitedly crushing Samara in a huge hug when Samara told her that she had gotten in to the play.

Her father hugged her too. "We can't wait to come see you in the show." he said.

"Congrats, kid." added Charlie. He was still kind of surprised that Samara had not only actually gone through with the audition but had actually gotten a part in the show, but he was genuinely happy for his sister. Even though he teased her a lot, he was fond of her.

Rehearsals for the show started the next day. Rehearsals took place after school. Almost every day after school for the next two months, Samara had play rehearsal.

Finally, it was opening night. They had a quick light dinner and Mom got ready to drop Samara off at the school to ger ready. Mom would be coming back with Dad and Charlie later.  "Break a leg, sweetie." said Samara's father in the traditional theater expression of wishing good luck. He kissed her gently on the cheek.

"I'm proud of you, kid. " said Charlie. "I never really thought you'd actually audition, and now you are about to get up on that stage and perform in front of whole auditorium of people."

He meant it as a complement, but his words really got to Samara. She had never really thought about how big the auditorium was before and how many people it could hold. Now, she couldn't stop thinking about it. Her whole body instantly went numb and she felt as if she couldn't breathe.

"Come on, Samara." insisted her mother quickly ushering her to the door. "You'll be late." She hurried Samara into the car, and they headed for the school. Samara hoped she would feel better once she actually got there and started getting ready for the show.

By the time they arrived at the school and went inside, Samara still wasn't feeling any better.  In fact, she felt worse. She felt as though her whole body was frozen and she couldn't move. However, she somehow forced herself to get into her costume and get her stage make-up on. Then, she sat around nervously waiting for the show to start. While her cast mates buzzed around excitedly getting ready and waiting for the show to start,  Samara pasted a big fake smile on her face and tried to appear as happy as they were and not let anyone see how nervous she actually was.

Finally, it was show time. Samara somehow managed to make her way to her place on stage for the beginning of Act One. She could feel her heart beating so loudly in her chest that she was surprised nobody else could hear it. When  the show started and it came time for Samara's first line, she completely froze. The room went completely still and so quiet that you could have heard a pencil drop in a classroom all the way at the other end of the school. Samara swallowed hard, looked at the ground, and finally said her first line. She took a deep breathe. She forced herself to stopped thinking about the auditorium and all the people watching her. She became completely absorbed in the play and her character of the handmaiden. She hadn't completely lost her nervousness, but she managed to push through and get through the whole play.

After the show was over, Samara's family surrounded her. The gave her flowers and showered her with praise for her wonderful performance. "You looked so confident out there, baby." said her Dad. Samara smiled proudly. Maybe, she was an even better actress than she thought.

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