Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Camryn Can't Wait

 Today's story is a join effort by my daughter and I.

It was New Year's  Eve. Camryn Getz was so excited! This was going to be the first New Year's she got to stay up to and watch on TV as the New Year's ball dropped in Times Square. Her older brother and sister Connor and Camelia, who were twins, had been allowed to stay up and watch for several years already. Camryn was so jealous. Finally. it was her turn now.

At dinner time, on December 31, Camryn asked "Is it almost time for the New Year's ball to drop?"

Mommy laughed at Camryn's eagerness. "Not yet." she replied."Not for a few more hours."

Daddy lit in fire in the fireplace, and they all went into the living room. "Let's play a game." said Connor.
They all agreed and they played Monopoly. It took up a lot of time and for a while Camryn didn't think about New Year's Eve and the ball dropping at all.

When the game was over, Camryn asked hopefully. "Is it time for the ball to drop now?

Mommy shook her head. "Just be patient little one. It will be here before you know it." Camryn frowned unhappily. She hated waiting for things.

"I'm hungry." complained Connor as his stomach rumbled.

"Me too." replied Camelia and Camryn together.

"I'll make popcorn and we can watch something on TV." suggested Mommy. She went into the kitchen.
Camryn followed her.

"Can we watch the ball drop while we eat popcorn?" she asked.

"We told you it's not time yet, dummy." yelled Connor from the other room.

"Connor!" Mommy said sharply. "Don't you remember how eager you were the first time you got to see the ball drop on New Year's Eve? Give your sister a break."

"I'm sorry." said Connor in a voice that didn't seem sorry at all. 

Mom came back in the room and handed out the popcorn. They watched TV as they ate. When they were done, Mom made another batch.

After they finished the second batch, Camryn asked eagerly, "Is it time to watch the ball drop now?"

"Not yet, princess." said Daddy.

Camryn frowned. "It's never gonna get here." she groaned angrily.

"It will come." Daddy promised. "You just have to be patient."

They said around for a few minutes and Camryn was totally bored.

Suddenly, Camelia jumped out of her seat. "Let's have a dance party!" she suggested.They all agreed that was a great idea so Connor put on the stereo. They all started dancing.

After about a half hour, they were all tired out. They sat back down on the couch. Camryn rested her head in Mommy's lap. "Is it time now?" she asked again. Everyone shook their head no. " Camryn stuck out her lower lip and pouted disappointedly.

"What should we do now?" asked Mommy.

"Can Daddy tell us a story?"  asked Camryn.  Daddy agreed, and he began telling a story. Camryn closed her eyes just for a minute to rest as she listened to the story.

When, Daddy finished tellling the story. Connor looked at the clock. "It's five minutes to midnight!" he exclaimed happily. Camelia turned back on the TV.  Camryn was still lying on Mommy's lap and she didn't move.

"Camryn?" said Mommy. "Camryn it's time. The New Year's ball is about to drop."  There was no reaction from Camryn. Mommy looked down at her lap. Camryn's eyes were still closed, and she was fast asleep. 

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