Friday, September 5, 2014

Arianna Awesome

             Today's Story is by Melia

                Arianna Anders thought she was the most amazing person ever. She would brag about everything. Her clothes, her grades, her accomplishments, etc. One day she came home from camp and declared, "Mom, my name is no longer Arianna Anders. From now on, call me Arianna Awesome."

                The next morning she woke up and decided she wanted to watch "Girl Meets World," but when she reached the living room her little sister, Shauna, was already watching, "Sesame Street." Arianna marched over and glared at Shauna, with her hands on her hips. "Give me the remote, Shauna. I want to watch my favorite show."

               Shauna looked up at her big sister and replied, "Ree, I'm watching my favorite show. You can watch when my episode ends."

               Arianna grabbed the remote out of Shauna's hand and yelled, "Well, you know what? I'm Arianna Awesome, and awesome people get what they want!"

                Shauna ran off crying. Later that day, Arianna heard her brother and sister, Michael and Sam who were twins, arguing in Sam's room. Arianna wandered in and asked, "What's the matter?"

               Her sister explained that there was only one cookie left and they didn't know who should get it. "I have a solution." Arianna grabbed the cookie and ran off.

               The twins ran after her. "Arianna, you can't just go stealing people's things." Michael complained.

              "I'm Arianna Awesome, and I can do whatever I want." was her retort.

                Sam rolled her eyes and said, "You are the most conceited person I have ever met." Michael nodded in agreement and the twins left.

              This went on for a couple more weeks until the first day of school. Arianna entered her new classroom for fifth grade. "Sophie!" Arianna screamed excitedly running towards her best friend.

                "Arianna, there's something I need to tell you. You've been a really bad friend to me, you're always bragging about yourself and saying you should get your way because you're awesome. So, until you can prove you've changed, I don't think we should be friends anymore." Sophie explained and she walked away.

                Arianna didn't want to lose her best friend, so she decided to try to become a better person. Saturday morning, she let Shauna watch "Sesame Street." She split her last cookie in half and gave 1 to Sam and one to Michael. The next Monday, Arianna approached her best friend and said, "Soph, I am so so sorry. I was a terrible friend, and sister, and everything. I can't promise I 'll never be a little conceited again, but I can promise to try.  I think for now, I'll just go back to being Arianna Anders."

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