Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When Will Winnie Wake Up?

Zia Dunlop always woke up early. Her sister, Winnie always woke up late. Zia woke up and watched TV and played with her toys and just generally amused herself at least for a while. Then, she got bored and waited for her sister to wake up. "Mommy," she asked, "When is Winnie going to wake up?"

"I don't know, babe." replied Mom.

Zia frowned. "I want Winnie to play with me. Will you play with me?" she asked hopefully.

Mommy shook her head. "I have laundry to do. Would you like to help?"

Zia turned up her nose and shook her head.  "That's boring." she said. She said down in front of Winnie's door to wait as Mommy went down the stairs.

Zia sat outside the door for a few minutes. Then, she began gently kicking the door. When there was no reaction from Winnie's room, she began  kicking the door a little harder. When she still got no reaction. She began banging the door with her fist.

"Cut it out!" screamed a voice from inside the room.

"Winnie!" Zia screamed excitedly bounding into the room.

Winnie was still in bed with her eyes closed. She opened one eye as Zia entered the room. "Get out!" she said insistently. Then, she turned over and went back to sleep.

Zia sighed and left the room.  She sat back down and continued to wait for Winnie to wake up.  Zia decided to see how high she could count before Winnie woke up. She had only gotten to 100 before she got bored.  Then, she started wandering up and down the hall.

"What are you doing?" asked Mommy as she came up the stairs.

"I'm waiting for Winnie to get up, but she sleeps forever." whined Zia.

Mommy smiled and went back to the laundry. Zia quietly opened Winnie's door and tiptoed over to the bed. She leaned over hoping that any minute Winnie would wake up. Winnie didn't move at all. "Winnie!" she whispered. Winnie still didn't move. "Winnie!" she yelled a little louder.  Winnie still didn't move. "Winnie!" she shouted. Winnie sat up and opened her eyes and looked around when she saw Zia she glared at her. "Get out, Zia." she shouted angrily. Then, she lay down and went back to sleep.

Zia frowned unhappily and headed for the door, When she reached it, she turned around and said "You're the most boring sister in the entire world!"

For a few minutes,  Zia was so mad at Winnie she never wanted to play with her again. Then, she got bored again and went back to waiting for Winnie to get up.

 Finally, it was lunch time and Winnie still wasn't up.

"Winnie! Zia! Lunch!" called Mom from the kitchen.

Zia suddenly realizing she was starving hurried down to the kitchen. "Where's Winnie?" asked Mommy.

"She's still sleeping." replied Zia.

"It's time for her to get up. Go and wake her up."

Zia smiled and happily ran back up the stairs. She ran into Winnie's room. She went over to the bed and started shaking her. "Winnie! Winnie!" she said loudly. "Mommy said it's time to get up. It's already lunch time."

Winnie groaned and sat up. "Tell her I'll be there in a minute." she sighed. "I gotta get dressed."

"Okay." replied Zia. "And after lunch we can play." she added excitedly.

"After lunch I have a report to work on for school."

Zia's head hung down sadly.  She was filled with disappointment. All that waiting for nothing.

Winnie saw how disappointed her sister was. "Well, maybe we can play a little bit later." she said.

Zia instantly perked up. "I love you, Winnie!" she said excitedly. "Even if you do sleep too much." she added.

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