Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Good Is a Brother?

Kimberly Dyer was about to be a big sister any day now. "Aren't you lucky?" said Grandma. "You're going to have a baby brother or sister." Grandma was staying with them in case Mommy and Daddy had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night.

"It's a girl!" said Kimberly confidently.

"Or it could be a boy." replied Grandma.

"It's a girl!" repeated Kimberly insistently.

A brother! The very notion of it horrified Kimberly. What good is a brother? He wouldn't want to play dolls with her or have tea parties, and they couldn't share clothes and make up when they got older. Boys liked sports and the played rough or at least the ones in Kimberly's class did. Kimberly hated sports, and she certainly didn't want anyone who behaved like the boys in her class living in her house. No, she was definitely going to have a sister she knew it or at least she hoped so.

The next day, Kimberly was sitting on her Mom's lap on the couch. At least, she was sitting as close to her Mom's lap as she could since Mom had gotten so big with the baby. "Mommy?" she said.

"Yes, baby?" replied Mommy sweetly.

"When is my sister going to be born?"

"Well, the baby is going to be born soon." replied Mommy.

"You mean my sister." insisted Kimberly. "It's going be a sister. I know it." she added in a softer voice.

"Oh, you do, do you?" said Mommy but she said it with a smile. She kissed Kimberly on the cheek.

A few days later, Kimberly woke up to the smell of pancakes. Mommy made the best pancakes in the whole world. Kimberly excitedly hurried to the kitchen to eat breakfast. When she was about to enter the room, she noticed it was Grandma standing at the griddle making pancakes, it wasn't Mommy at all. "Good morning." Grandma greeted Kimberly warmly. "Did you have a nice sleep?" she asked.

Kimberly didn't answer. She was to busy looking for Mommy. She even got down on the floor and looked under the table.

"Did you lose something?" asked Grandma when she saw Kimberly crawling around under the table.

"Where's Mommy?" asked Kimberly accusingly as though Grandma had done something with her mother.

"She went to the hospital to to have the baby." explained Grandma.

"My sister!" exclaimed Kimberly excitedly.

"Or brother." added Grandma.

Kimberly shot Grandma an evil look. Then, she started dancing around the kitchen and shouting "I have a sister! I have a sister! I have a sister!"

"Kimberly!" exclaimed Grandma. "We probably won't know if it is a brother or sister for several hours yet. Sit down and eat your breakfast. You have school today." Kimberly frowned and slid into her chair. How could she eat at a time like this? Kimberly couldn't wait to hear about her new sister. Food was the last thing on her mind.

Kimberly could barely get through the school day even though she was only in kindergarten, and she only had a half day. As soon as the school bus dropped her off at the bus stop, she eagerly ran over to where Grandma stood waiting for her. "Is my sister born, yet?" she asked eagerly. "When is she coming home?"

"Yes, your sister is born." replied Grandma. "Only she's a brother."

A brother! Kimberly's eyes and mouth opened wide with shock and disappointment.  What in the world was she going to do with a brother?  She wanted a sister! It was supposed to be a sister!

"Do you want to go see your new baby brother?" asked Grandma.

Kimberly shrugged. "I guess so." she said. She didn't really care but it would be nice to see Mommy and Daddy. Even though, they had only been gone since yesterday she missed them.

The whole drive to the hospital Kimberly just kept thinking 'A brother. What am I going to do with a brother?' and shaking her head.

When they got to the hospital, they went up to Mom's room. Mom was sitting on the bed with a tiny bundle wrapped in a blanket in her arms. She smiled when she saw Kimberly. "Hi sweetie." she said. "Why don't you come on over here and meet your new baby brother?"

Kimberly stood in the doorway and didn't move. Grandma gave her a little push. She reluctantly walked over to the bed.  Daddy lifted her up so she could see Mommy better. "Benjamin." said Mommy to the bundle in her arms."Meet your big sister., Kimberly. " She turned the baby toward Kimberly. "Meet your baby brother Benjamin." she said to Kimberly.

Kimberly looked at her baby brother. She couldn't help noticing that he was actually kind of cute with his bright blue eyes and big ears. 'Okay' she thought. 'Maybe, it won't be so bad to have a baby brother.' Out loud to the baby she said. "Hi Benjamin. I'm your big sister."

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