Monday, August 25, 2014

The Great Teddy Bear Hunt

Kari Edmond sadly stood staring in her toy box. She looked once. She looked twice. She looked again, but she could not find what she was looking for. She threw all of the toys out of the box and continued looking, but still she could not find what she was looking for.

Mommy enter the room and eyed the huge mess. "What on earth are you doing?" she asked Kari.

"I'm looking for my teddy bears." explained Kari unhappily.  Kari had four teddy bears. Blueberry was a blue bear. Cherry was a red bear.  Blackberry was a black bear. Lemony was a yellow bear. They were her favorite toys.

"Where did you last see them? asked Mommy.

"I'm sure they were in my toy box." insisted Kari on the verge of tears.

"Don't worry we'll find them." Mommy assured her.

She and Mommy looked through Kari's whole room. Still, there was no sign of any of the bears.  They started looking through the rest of the house. They didn't find any sign of the teddy bears but they did find Kathy and Karl, Kari's older sister and brother. Karl was sitting at the kitchen table lingering over his homework. Kathy was in the living room watching TV. "Did either of you see Kari's teddy bears?" asked Mom. Karl shook his head. Kathy didn't even look up from the TV. "Well, why don't you two help her look while I start making dinner." suggested Mom.

"Sure." said Karl quickly slamming his textbook. He was up for anything that would keep him away from his homework.

Kathy still didn't even take her eyes off the television set. Mom went into the other room and turned off the TV. "I said  help your sister find her teddy bears." said Mom. Kathy scowled at her mother unhappily, but she got up to help her sister as she was told.

They looked all over the house, for over half an hour but there was no sign of any of the teddy bears. Kari collapsed on the living room couch on the verge of tears. Just then, the garage door opened and in walked Dad who had just come home from work. "What's the matter, pumpkin?" he asked when he saw Kari's sad face.

"She can't find her teddy bears." explained Karl. All Kari could do was nod miserably in agreement.  She was too sad to say anything.

"I thought I saw Bijou with something red in the backyard." said Daddy.

"Bijou!" exclaimed  Kari angrily. Bijou was their big white puppy. She was very fond of socks and she was always trying to bite Kari's stuffed animals. Kari ran out to the backyard followed by Daddy, Kathy and Karl.

They looked but at first they didn't see anything. Then, Daddy spied a flash of red under the swingset. He went over and reached down and picked up a red teddy bear. "Cherry!" exclaimed Kari reaching for the bear.

"What's this?" said Kathy as she saw something blue under the tree and scooped it up in her arms. It was a blue bear. "Blueberry!" exclaimed  Kari happily as Kathy handed it to her.

Daddy found a yellow bear on the lawn in front of Bijou's dog house.  He had barely picked it up when Kari grabbed it out of his arms. "Lemony!" she called excitedly.

They looked all over the yard but still they could not find the fourth bear. "Well at least you found three of them." said Dad trying unsuccessfully to cheer up Kari up.

Kari just gave him a look, and it was not a happy look. "You wouldn't say well at least I have two of my children, would you Dad?" she asked.

Karl couldn't help chuckling until Dad gave him a not very happy look, and he shut up.

Just then, Mom came out of the house. "Look what I found." she said. In her arms, she held Bijou hanging out of Bijou's mouth was a black bear.

"Bad, bad Bijou!" said Kari reaching for the bear. At first, the dog didn't want to give it up, but Daddy managed to pry it out of her mouth.

"Come on, Bijou." said Mommy taking the dog into the house. "We'll find you one of your own toys."

Kari hugged her teddy bears to her and went in the house too. Daddy, Kathy and Karl followed. They all went back to their respective activities while Kari went to put her bears away. When she came back, she sat down on the couch. Bijou climbed up next to her. "I hate you, Bijou, you bad bad dog!" said Kari. Bijou leaned over and licked Kari across the face. It tickled, and Kari couldn't help laughing. "Okay." she admitted. "I don't hate you but I am mad at you." Bijou licked her again. Kari sighed "Okay." she said. "I love you, but I am still mad at you!"

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