Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brynn the Big Talker

"Six Flags!" exclaimed Brynn Thatcher excitedly. "We're going to Six Flags! I can't wait! I want to go on everything especially all the roller coasters!" She started jumping up and down excitedly.

Her younger sister, Mallory bit her lip and shook her head. "I don't think I like roller coasters." she said quietly.

"That's because your a scaredy cat." replied Brynn.

Mallory gave her sister an angry look.

"Brynn." replied Mommy also giving Brynn an angry look.

"I'm sorry your a scaredy cat, Mallory." said Brynn.

"Brynn!" exclaimed Mommy even angrier. Brynn knew enough to let it go this time.

To Mallory, Mommy said. "Don't worry. You'll have fun too. There are lots of rides at Six Flags. You'll find rides you like too. There is a Ferris Wheel and a carousel and a lot of other rides."

Now, it was Mallory's turn to be excited. "I can't wait to go on the Ferris Wheel!" she exclaimed.

"The Ferris Wheel?" exclaimed Brynn with a laugh. "The Ferris Wheel?'' she repeated. "You're looking forward to going on the Ferris Wheel? Oh, Mallory, your such a baby."

Mallory glared at her sister again.

"Brynn, that is quite enough!" exclaimed Mommy by now at the end of her patience. "That is enough talk about Six Flags for now." she added in a much calmer voice. "It is time to get ready for dinner."

They would not be going to Six Flags for a week. The time could not possibly pass slower for Brynn and Mallory. Every day, seemed like a week.

Finally, the day they were going to the amusement park arrived. Brynn talked excitedly about all the roller coasters she was going to go on throughout the ride to the park. Mommy, Daddy, and Mallory could barely get a word in.

When they got to the park and got their tickets, they started walking around. When they came to the first roller coaster. They stopped. "Oh, that one looks a little big." said Brynn.

"Are you sure?" asked Daddy. "I'll go on with you." Brynn shook her head no. Daddy shrugged. They moved on.

Every roller coaster, they came to after that, Daddy asked if Brynn wanted to go on. Brynn shook her head no. It was too steep or too twisty or had too many loops but there was always some reason why Brynn didn't want to go on.

Finally, they came to this tiny little roller coaster in the Kiddie section. Brynn was about to come up with some excuse why she didn't want to go on when Mallory said. "What a cute little baby roller coaster! I want to go on."

"Me too!" said Brynn weakly. She wasn't really sure she wanted too, but she couldn't very well say no if even Mallory was going to go on.

Brynn and Mallory got on line to get on the ride. When it was their turn to get on the ride, they strapped in. The ride started up. Brynn held tightly to the metal safety bar and closed her eyes.

Mallory was much more relaxed. "Whee!" she exclaimed each time they went around a curve. "This is fun! Don't you think so, Brynn?"

Brynn didn't answer. She was too busy praying that the ride would stop soon, and it will be over.

Finally, the ride was over, and it was time to get off. Mallory quickly jumped out of her seat as soon as they stopped and the safety bar was released. Brynn followed slowly behind on shaky legs.

"That was great!" exclaimed Mallory. "Can we go again? Don't you want to go again, Brynn?"

Brynn shook her head no.

Mallory smiled. "You can't possibly be afraid of that little tiny roller coaster, can you?" she said. "Now, who is the baby?"

"Oh, shut up!" replied Brynn.

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