Friday, August 15, 2014

Pretty Pretty Priscilla

Priscilla Chadwick was a beautiful  baby. Everybody thought so. She had the bluest blue eyes and the blondest blonde hair. Even all the doctors oohed and aahed over how cute she was. As she got older. She only got cuter and she knew it. She couldn't help but know it. Everybody was always telling her how beautiful she was. 

All her life, everybody wanted to do things for Priscilla and be her friend because she was so pretty. It was as if they thought being pretty could rub off on them just because they hung around someone who was pretty. It got so that Priscilla didn't even think she needed to be nice to people. She just expected them to want to hang around her and do things for her, and they did.

 Whenever, there was a choice to make Priscilla always got to choose first. She always picked what game would be played and for how long. That was just the way it was and nobody questioned it.

 Then, a new girl moved to town. She was put in the same class as Priscilla. Her name was Jane Miller.  Jane wasn't exactly ugly. She was just kind of plain. She certainly was nowhere near as pretty as Priscilla. After Jane moved to town, Priscilla just figured life would go on as usual. For a while, it did. Jane went along with whatever Priscilla said just like everybody else.

One day at recess, Priscilla said "Let's play tag."

Jane said. "No, thank you. I don't think I want to play tag today."

Priscilla's mouth opened in shock. Nobody ever said no to her. She was the pretty one.  "Well, we're playing tag." insisted Priscilla. The other kids went along with Priscilla because they were used to it. Jane went to play on the swings.

When one of the other kids asked if they could go on the swings too, Priscilla said "No. We're playing  tag!"

At first, the other kids all continued played with Priscilla like always. Then, a few of of them wandered off  by Jane. "Hello." Jane warmly greeted the other kids who approached her. "Do you want to play with me? We could go on the swings some more or we could go on the slide or whatever. What would you like to do?"

For a moment,  the other kids didn't speak. The were so used to being told what to do by Priscilla. They hardly remembered how to think for themselves . Finally, somebody said. "Let's go slide." So they did.

After a while, somebody else said. "Let's go back on the swings so they did." After that they actually took turns making suggestions of what to do.

Finally, Priscilla asked Jane and the kids who were playing with her, "Don't you want to play with us?" None of them did.  Priscilla stomped off. Some of the kids that she'd been playing with followed her. Some of them stayed to play with Jane and those other kids.

The next day at recess even more of the kids wanted to play with Jane. By the end of the week, Priscillla was playing all by herself, and she was not happy about it. She was used to being the center of attention. She was not used to being alone. She did not like it.

Priscilla sat alone for a while. After a while, she went up to another kid and asked. "Why doesn't anybody want to play with me anymore." The other kid shrugged and ran off. Priscilla asked another one of the kids, but that kid didn't want to tell her either.

Finally, one of the kids said. "You may be pretty Priscilla, but Jane is nice. "

Priscilla couldn't believe it. Nice was better than pretty? She didn't think anything was better than pretty. She didn't know if she knew how to be nice she only knew how to be pretty.

The other kids looked like they were having a good time with Jane. They were all smiling and laughing and happy. They were smiling and laughing and seemed a lot happier than they did when they played with Priscilla.

Jane came over to Priscilla. "You know you can play with us too." she invited Priscilla.

"I didn't think you wanted to play with me anymore." answered Priscilla.

"I never said I don't want to play with you." said Jane. "Just don't be so bossy You  can't always be in charge just because you are pretty."

Priscilla thought about it. She didn't really like playing alone, and she was tired of it. "Okay." she agreed. She went off to play with Jane and the other kids. They were playing on the swings.

After a while, Priscilla got tired of the swings. "Let's go play tag now." she said insistently. She jumped off the swings and got ready to go play tag but nobody followed her.She stood there for a minute not knowing what to do. Being nice and not just being pretty was going to take some getting used to. However, she didn't want to go back to playing alone.  "I mean, would anybody like to play tag with me?" she asked nicely. Some of the kids did and some of the kids didn't. Those that wanted to play tag went with Priscilla and those that didn't stayed on the swings and that was okay.

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