Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Not An Elephant

Penny Chesterfield loved elephants. Her favorite movie was Dumbo. Her favorite books were the Babar books. Her room was filled with stuffed elephants of every size, shape and color. The only thing she didn't have was a real elephant. Even though, she kept begging for one.

One day, when Daddy came home from work. Mommy and Daddy sat Penny and her brother, Jeffrey down to talk them. "We have a surprise for you two." they said. "On Saturday we are going to take you to the zoo."

"What kind of animals do they have at the zoo?" asked Penny excitedly.

"They have lots of animals." said her father.

"Like what?" asked Penny excitedly hoping.

"Like lions." said  Daddy.

"And?" asked Penny eagerly leaning forward on her elbows..

"Giraffes." added Mommy.

"And?" asked Penny again  even more eagerly. By now, she was practically bouncing out of her seat with excitement and anticipation.

"Monkeys." added Jeffrey as Mommy and Daddy  nodded in agreement.

"What about ---"

"Yes, they have elephants." said Mommy as Penny began jumping up and down excitedly. She could hardly wait for it to be time to go to the zoo, but they weren't going for another few days.

Finally the day came. Penny was up bright and early ready and eagerly waiting to go even before Mommy and Daddy woke up. "Come on, come on. Let's get going." she said when they woke up and had barely opened their eyes. When everyone was finally ready, they got in the car. The ride seemed to take forever to Penny. When they got to the zoo, Penny eagerly hurried out of the car.

Once they were in the Zoo, the first thing they came to was the wild animals. "Look at the beautiful lioness." said  Daddy.

"It's not an elephant." said Penny in disappointment.

"That lion cub is adorable." said Mommy.

"It's not an elephant." sighed  Penny.

"Wow! That one's really big!" exclaimed Jeffrey.

"Still not a elephant." pointed out Penny. She had no interest in lions.

Next, they saw the giraffes.

"Have you ever seen anything  so tall?" asked Mommy pointing to one of the giraffes.

"It's not an elephant." said Penny turning away from the giraffes.

"I'd like to be that tall." said Jeffrey.

"Not an elephant." replied Penny crossing her arms in front of her and frowning.

"Watch them eat leaves off the top of the trees." Daddy said to Penny.

Penny shook her head. "Still not an elephant." she said boredly.

Their next stop was the monkey house.

"Look at that one." said Jeffrey pointing to a monkey hanging from a tree.

"It's not an elephant." replied Penny disappointed once more.

"That one's watching us." said Daddy pointing to a monkey that seemed to be staring out at the crowd.

"Not an elephant." said Penny again.

"That little one is cute." Mommy said.

"Still not an elephant." said Penny totally bored with the monkeys.

By now, Penny was totally losing interest in the zoo. She didn't even want to look at the animals in the next exhibit. It would probably just be something equally as boring as lions, giraffes and monkeys. "Come on just take a look." Jeffrey urged her. Mommy and Daddy nodded in agreement.  Penny didn't want to but she decided to take a peek just to get them all off her back. She turned around really quickly and then her mouth flew open and her eyes opened wide with excitement as she saw a pack of big gray elephants and one cute little baby elephant. "Finally!" she said excitedly. "Elephants!"

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