Friday, August 22, 2014

Alana is Awesome!

Alana Burgess had an older sister, Annie. Annie didn't like Alana going into her room. She didn't like Alana touching her things. Alana loved going in her sister's room, however. She loved looking at Annie's stuff. She went into Annie's room. She found Annie's phone on the floor near the bed. It must have dropped out of Annie's pocketbook. Annie never went anywhere without her phone.

Alana sat on the floor playing with the phone. She knew Annie would be mad if she found Alana with her phone, but Alana didn't care. She started playing with the ringtones. She recorded herself saying "Alana is awesome!" and then she set it as the phone's ringtone. She listened to it a few times and smiled. She wished Annie really always had to hear that whenever her phone rang.

Suddenly, Alana heard footsteps. She peaked out of the room and saw Annie on the stairs. There was no time to change the ringtone back. She quickly dropped the phone and hurried out of the room.

Just as Annie came into her room, she heard Alana's voice calling out "Alana is awesome! Alana is awesome!" and it just kept repeating. "Alana is awesome!"

"Ha Ha, very funny, Alana." called Annie, but she didn't really sound like she thought it was funny at all. She looked all over the room trying to find out where the voice was coming from. Finally, she realized it was coming from her phone, and then she got really angry.

As soon as she got off the phone, she rushed  into Alana's room. "How dare you touch my things!" she yelled angrily at Alana. "You know you're not supposed to go in my room." She shouted a bunch of other things too. "You change my ringtone back!" she said finally.

"Change it yourself." declared Alana.

Annie glared even angrier at her sister. Unlike most kids her age, Annie was not very good with phones. She knew how to talk on them. That's about it.

Alana shook her head. Right about now, she hated her sister, and she didn't want to do anything for her.

"Mom will make you!" said Annie. She went off down the hall to find Mom and tell her what had happened.

A few minutes later, Annie came back with Mom. "Please change the ringtone." said Mom. She said it very calmly, but Alana could tell from her expression that Mom was very serious.

"Okay." said Alana. She took the phone and left the room. Then, she came back and handed it to her sister.
Just as Annie took the phone back, it started ringing again. It didn't say "Alana is awesome" anymore. Now it said "Annie is awful!" "Annie is awful! Annie is awful !" it repeated over and over again.

"Alana!" yelled Mom and Annie at the same time.

"Well you didn't say I had to put it back to what it was." said Alana.

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