Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You're My Best and My Favorite

Dori Auerbach was tired of watching TV. She was sick of her toys. She was bored with playing alone. She went off to find somebody to play with.

Mommy was in the kitchen making a grocery list for her weekly trip to the supermarket. She looked up and smiled as Dori entered the room. "Hello, sweetie." she said cheerfully.

Dori smiled back. "Oh, Mommy." she gushed. "You are just the person I was looking for. Will you play cards with me?" she begged smiling even brighter and looking up hopefully.

"I can't right now, sweetie." replied Mommy. "I'm making the shopping list."

Dori went up to her mother and put her hand on her mother's arm. She looked up sadly into her mother's face and opened her own big brown eyes widely. "But mommy." she said quietly, "You're my best and my favorite. I really want to play with you." she pleaded.

Mommy couldn't resist. "Okay." she agreed. "Maybe, just one game."

Dori excitedly ran off to get a deck of cards. They sat down at the kitchen table to play Go Fish.

Three games later, Mommy stood up. "That was fun," she said "but I really need to finish making the grocery list before it's time to make dinner."

"Okay, mommy." replied Dori. She went off to play, but she was soon bored again. She wandered into the den and found her brother, Brian. He was playing his handheld video game. "Hi Brian." she greeted him overly warmly as she entered the room

"Hey!" Brian replied without even taking his eyes off his game but he said it in a friendly way.

"Will you come outside with me and push my on the swings?" asked Dori looking at her brother with her best sad puppy dog face.

"I'm in the middle of something." he replied. "Why don't you ask Mom or Dad or Kendra?" Kendra was their older sister.

"Please!" begged  Dori, and when he didn't reply, she climbed up into his lap. "You're my best and my favorite. I really want to go outside with you."

"Okay." Brian relented. "Just let me finish this level." A few minutes later, he was ready. They went outside and Brian pushed her on the swings and played with her on their backyard swingset for half an hour. Then, he glanced at his watch. "I've gotta go. " he said. "The baseball game is about to start." He went in the house and turned on the TV.  Dori was bored with baseball. She went off to find something else to do.

Dori went upstairs. She found her sister, Kendra. Kendra was doing her nails. "Oh, Kendra!" exclaimed Dori excitedly. "Can you do my nails too?" she begged.

Kendra frowned. "I don't think so." she said. "As soon as my nails dry, I need to pick out something to wear to the party tonight." Kendra and her friends were always having parties. Dori thought their parties were totally boring. All they did was eat and drink and talk and dance. They never played any cool games or anything.

"Please, Kendra." begged Dori. She looked up at her sister with her most serious expression. "You're my best and my favorite."

"Okay," agreed Kendra, "Pick out a color while my nails are drying."

Dori smiled happily and quickly picked out a bright pink color. Pink was her favorite color. As soon as Kendra's nails were dry, she polished Dori's. Then, she did Dori's toenails too. By the time. Dori's nails were dry, Kendra had had enough sister bonding time. "Now, I really have to get ready for tonight." she said ushering Dori out of her room.

Dori was soon bored again. She wandered into her parents room and found her Dad. He was checking his e-mail on his laptop. "Hi, Daddy." she said. "Will you play with me?" she asked.

"Maybe later, honey." replied her father. "I'm doing something right now."

"But Daddy." said Dori puffing out her lower lip and making a sad pouty face. "You're my best and my favorite."

Just then, Kendra came into the room. She wanted to borrow one of Mom's blouses. "Hey, " she said. "I thought I was your best and your favorite!"

Kendra was followed by Brian who wanted to tell Dad something that had happened in the baseball game. "I thought I was your best and your favorite!"

Brian was followed by Mom who wanted to find out what sides everybody wanted with the chicken they were having for dinner. "I thought I was your best and your favorite."

Dori blushed  nervously and looked at the ground. Then, she quickly looked up and smiled. "Your all my best and my favorite." she said.

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