Friday, July 18, 2014

Taylor's Teddy Bear

Theodora Bear was Taylor Newberry's favorite teddy bear. Taylor had her since Taylor was just a tiny little thing. Theodora was pink and fluffy. She had two different colored eyes since one had to be replaced when it fell off and got lost. Her fur was matted from being held and loved so very much. Theodora slept on Taylor's bed every night. When Taylor didn't see her there, she went into a panic. "Mommy!" she would call out in a worried voice. "Theodora's missing!"

"Did you look for her?" Mommy would call back in a calm voice . She knew how much Taylor loved Theodora, but she was confident that Theodora would always turn up somewhere, and she always did. Either Theodora was under the bed or she was behind the door or Taylor had left her downstairs or in another room. She was always found somewhere, and Taylor would heave a huge sigh of relief and clutch the stuffed bear tightly to her chest. Mommy would smile at Taylor and nod her head as if she knew all along it was going to work out fine.

Then, one day, Taylor could not find Theodora anywhere. She looked in all the usual places. There was no sign of Theodora. She looked anywhere else she could find, but still no sign of Theodora. "Mommy!" she cried worriedly. "I can't find Theodora!"

"Did you look for her?" asked Mommy in her usual calm voice.

"Yes!" exclaimed Taylor by now on the verge of tears, "I've looked everywhere."

"I'll help you in a minute." promised Mommy. "I just have to check on your sister." About a minute later, Mommy called out to Taylor in a loud whisper. "Taylor, come here."

Taylor joined Mommy in her little sister, Tia's room. Mommy pointed to the bed. There was Tia all curled up with Theodora in her arms. Mommy seemed to think it was cute because she was smiling. Taylor, on the other hand, did not think so. She frowned and yanked Theodora out of Tia's arms causing Tia to wake up and start crying loudly.

"Taylor!" shouted Mommy angrily.

"My bear!" exclaimed Taylor possessively clutching it to her chest.

Tia just continued to cry. "Bear, bear." she said finally through her tears pointing at Theodora and reaching out for her. Taylor held Theodora over her head way out of Tia's reach. Mommy glared at Taylor.

"It's my bear." Taylor reminded them all.

"Yes." replied Mommy, "but you didn't have to wake your sister up. We know Theodora is yours. You would have gotten her back."

"Bear, bear!" repeated Tia sadly pointing and grabbing again. Mommy shooed Taylor out of the room. She tried to give Tia one of her own stuffed animals but Tia wouldn't take any of them. She just kept repeating "Bear, bear!" and pointed to the door.

Eventually, after a long while, Tia cried herself to sleep. Mommy and Taylor thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. The minute Tia saw Theodora she called out "Bear, bear!" and reached for her.
When Taylor wasn't around, Tia would go in her room and take Theodora. It got so that Taylor had to keep Theodora hidden, and she was not happy about it.

Mommy was not happy either. Finally, she decided to get Tia a Theodora of her own. When she told the girls, they were both excited about it. Taylor was excited that she would get Theodora back to herself, and she wouldn't have to hide her bear anymore. Tia was excited to be getting her own Theodora. "Bear, bear." she said but this time happily.

They went to the store. They could not find a bear exactly like Theodora. Tia would not settle for anything else. They went to another store. There were still no bears like Theodora. They went to every
store they could think of that would possibly have teddy bears. Still, they could not find a bear that looked like Theodora. Still, Tia would not settle for another bear. They went home. "Bear, bear." Tia cried. She was back to saying it sadly now. Taylor actually was beginning to feel sorry for her.

At home, Taylor went to her room and got Theodora out of her hiding place in the back of Taylor's closet. She hugged Theodora tightly. "You always make me feel better." she whispered into Theodora's fur. She took Theodora and went to find Mommy and Tia. They were in Tia's room. Tia was still crying, "Here." said Taylor shoving Theodora into Tia's arms.

"Bear, bear." cried Tia excitedly hugging the bear.

"You can have her." announced Taylor. "I don't want you to be sad anymore." but now Taylor was the one who was sad. Taylor was the one who looked she was going to cry.

Mommy smiled proudly at Taylor. "Maybe, you can share Theodora." suggested Mommy.

Taylor smiled. "I'd like that." she said.

Tia smiled too. "Bear, bear." she said still clutching Theodora.

Taylor was not sure Tia was going to be a good sharer, but still she was proud of what she had done, and she did not take Theodora back.

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