Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sleeping Cutie

Crissi Woodley had a new baby sister her name was Cassidy. She was only about a week old, but ever since she came home from the hospital friends, neighbors, and various family members would come over and ooh and aah over her. They would say how cute Cassidy was. Then, they would tell Crissi,"You are so lucky to have a sister close to your age to play with someday." Crissi would just shake her head. Even though, she was only a few years older, she thought of herself as a big girl and she thought of Cassidy as a baby. She did not at all think of them as being close in age. Besides, all Cassidy ever did was sleep. How could she possibly be a playmate for Crissi?

Still, Crissi liked the idea of having a sister to play with. She stood over Cassidy's crib waiting for her to wake up. She waited every day, but Cassidy only seemed to wake up when she was hungry, and she just stayed awake enough to eat and then went right back to sleep.

"Mommy?" asked Crissi. "When is Cassidy going to play with me?"

Mommy smiled at Crissi so proud that she seemed to love her little sister. "When she gets older." Mommy said.

Crissi rolled her eyes at Mommy. "But, mommy," she said wearily. " she is older we've had her a whole week already."

Mommy laughed and kissed Crissi on the cheek. Crissi didn't think it was funny at all. She went back to standing by Cassidy's crib every day and watching her sleep and waiting for her to wake up for more than a few minutes at a time.

After what seemed like days to Crissi, but had only actually been a day or two, she got tired of waiting. She grabbed the step stool from the bathroom and brought it to Cassidy's room. She leaned it against the crib and stood on it. She reached out her hand and was about to poke her sister to try to wake her up when Mommy entered the room.

"Crissi" exclaimed Mommy in a loud angry whisper. "What are you doing?" She grabbed Crissi in one arm and the step stool in the other and dragged them out of the room.

"I just wanted to wake her up so we can play together." mumbled Crissi softly, but Mommy either didn't hear her or didn't care. She was never allowed in Cassidy's room by herself anymore. Instead, she stood outside Cassidy's door still waiting for her to get up and play with Crissi.

"Cassidy," she whispered through the keyhole of the door. "Cassidy, don't you won't to play with me?" When she got no response, she whispered a little louder. "Cassidy, don't you want to play with me?" When she still got no response she said out loud. "Cassidy, don't you want to play with me?" When that got no reponse, she shouted "Cassidy .." but she got no further than that because Mommy heard her yelling and came and shushed her.

"Quiet!" whisper yelled  Mommy shaking her head and putting her finger to her lips. "Cassidy's sleeping." She shooed Crissi away from Cassidy's door.

Crissi frowned unhappily and stared at the floor. "She's always sleeping." she mumbled to herself.

Then, finally it happened. One day, Cassidy woke up and cried. Mommy tried to feed her, but she wasn't hungry. Mommy changed her diaper, but that wasn't it either. Mommy kept trying but she couldn't figure out what was wrong. Cassidy just kept crying. "I know what she wants, Mommy." cried Crissi excitedly. "She just wants to stay awake and play with me!" Mommy looked doubtful, but by then she was willing to try just about anything to get Cassidy to stop crying.

Crissi tried talking softly to Cassidy but Cassidy kept crying. She tried singing Cassidy a song, but Cassidy just cried louder. She tried showing Cassidy her toys and then Cassidy's own toys but Cassidy didn't even look at them.  Crissi did everything she could think of but she couldn't get Cassidy to stop crying either.

Crissi was so disappointed after all, this time Cassidy was finally awake for more than a few minutes and she didn't want to play after all. All she wanted to do was cry.  It was so much better when she was sleeping at least then it was peaceful and quiet. Crissi frowned and sighed. "Go back to sleep, Cassidy." she said.

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