Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brylee and the Baseball Player

When 3 year old Brylee Kane and her family found themselves seated right behind the home team's bullpen at  a Mid City Mountain Cats baseball game, they were all really excited. They loved baseball. The Mountain Cats, their local minor league team, was their favorite team. They had never had such great seats before. They got them from Daddy's boss because he had to go out of town to attend his wife's cousin's wedding and couldn't use them.

All of the Kane family loved baseball especially Brylee. She didn't get the game that much, but she loved to go to games. She loved the sounds of the stadium, the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the music and the special effects from the scoreboard. She loved the smells of the stadium, fresh mown grass and delicious foods. She loved the tastes of the stadium especially the pizza and ice cream. When she went to a game, she paid attention to everything, the rest of the crowd, the vendors, the players on the bench. The only thing she hardly paid attention to was the game itself.

While they waited for the game to start, Brylee and her sister Wynona stood by the railing watching the pitcher warm up in front of them. "Be careful." warned Mommy as the two girls got closer and closer to the railing.

"Why don't I teach you how to keep score?" suggested Daddy opening the scorebook they had purchased at the entrance to the stadium. Wynona eagerly sat next to him and they bent their heads together over the open book.

Brylee had no interest in that. She remained standing by the railing watching the teams warm up. Warm up time was soon over. Just as the players were leaving the field to go get ready for the game to start, the pitcher who had been warming up in front of them turned and reached toward Brylee with the ball in his hand. "Here you go." he said warmly. At first, Brylee didn't know what to do. She was not supposed to take things from strangers, but Mommy nodded her head that it was okay this time so Brylee took it.

"Say thanks, Brylee." Mommy told her.

"Thank you." said Brylee excitedly hugging the ball.

"Hey no fair!" exclaimed Wynona looking up from the scorebook  and seeing Brylee holding the ball.

"You can share it." said Mommy.

Brylee shook her head no. "Mine." she said possessively.

"Where'd she get it?" asked Wynona jealously.

"He give'd it to me." said Brylee pointing to the player who had given her the ball. She smiled brightly and hugged the ball again.

Wynona's eyes opened wider with jealousy. She looked at the player who Brylee had pointed too and saw that his number was 36. She looked up number 36 in the scorebook and found his name. "Cory Davis." she read aloud. "His name is Cory Davis."

"Cory." repeated Brylee as her smiled got even bigger.

"Is Cory your boyfriend?" teased Daddy.

"Cory my boyfriend." agreed Brylee nodding.

"No, he's not." said Wynona.

"Yes! Yes!" insisted Brylee.

Mommy and Daddy smiled and thought it was so cute that Brylee thought Cory Davis was her boyfriend. Wynona shook her head and rolled her eyes.

From then on, Brylee really thought Cory Davis was her boyfriend. She talked about him all the time. She asked about him every time they saw a baseball game live or on TV whether it was the Mountain Cats or not. 

About a month later, Cory Davis got traded. Wynona overheard Daddy telling Mommy about it. "Don't tell your sister." warned Mommy. "It will upset her."

"I won't." promised Wynona. She actually felt sorry for her little sister. Brylee really thought that Cory Davis was her boyfriend. She probably wouldn't take it very well that he was traded.

The very next day, they got Daddy's bosses seats at the stadium again. This time his son had a Little League game that he had to attend so he couldn't go to the Mountain Cats game.  This time there was a lot of traffic on the way to the game, and they got to the stadium later. As soon as they got there, Daddy and Wynona went to get food.  Brylee and Mommy went right to the seats. Brylee immediately  stood by the railing watching the teams warm up. She looked all over for Cory Davis, but she couldn't find him.  She was about to ask Mommy where he was when the teams finished warming up and a player handed Brylee a ball. It wasn't Cory Davis, but Brylee didn't seem to mind. She took the ball eagerly without even waiting for Mommy's okay this time. "Thank you." she said happily clutching the ball.

Just then, Wynona and Daddy came back with the food. "Hey!" exclaimed Wynona jealously noticing Brylee once again with a ball in her hands.

"He my boyfriend." said Brylee happily pointing to the player who had given  it to her.

Wynona sighed. "Here we go again." she said.

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