Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mila's Busy Morning

Mila Dunphy woke up and sleepily opened her eyes. She glanced at the clock. "Oh no." she exclaimed hurriedly trying to get out of bed. It was 8:00 in the morning, and she had to go to school at 8:30. She tried to get out of bed, but she found herself all tangled up in her sheets and fluffy blanket. She tried to unravel herself but end up toppling onto the floor where she was finally able to untangle herself.

Mila looked over at the chair in front of her pink wooden desk where she would normally find her clothes for the day neatly laid out, but there was nothing there. She quickly lay down on the floor beside her desk and looked under the it to make sure that her clothes hadn't fallen underneath, but there was nothing there either. She went into her closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and put them on. They were too tight. Mila could barely breath. She took them off and pulled on another pair. That pair immediately fell down. Mila didn't really have time to look for a belt so she took that pair off too. She took out a third pair and thankfully that pair fit perfectly.

Next, Mila went over to her dresser and took out  a blue flowered shirt. No sooner had she put it on when she happened to glance in the mirror. She saw there was a giant chocolate stain across the middle of the shirt. She took it off and put on purple and white striped shirt instead.

Mila went to her dresser drawer and starting looking for a pair of socks. She started throwing socks down on the floor until she finally found a pair that went together. It was a bright blue pair. She decided to wear one purple sock and one white sock instead. Nobody was going to see her socks under her pants anyway.

Mila put on her favorite black shoes but then she couldn't remember if it was a gym day or not. Just to be on the safe side, she decided she better wear her sneakers. She looked in her closet on her wire shoe rack for her pink and gray sneakers but she couldn't find them. She got down on her hands and knees and looked all over her closet but still couldn't find them. She left the closet and quickly began looking all over her room. She finally found one sneaker under the bed and the other one behind her door. She quickly put on her shoes and tied the laces.

Mila rushed into the bathroom and put toothpaste on her toothbrush. It came out of the tube quickly, too quickly, and she ended up having to clean a gooey blue mess of toothpaste off the bathroom counter. Some of the toothpaste got on her shirt so she hurried back into her room and took it off and put on a yellow shirt instead. She went back into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. When she was spitting the toothpaste out she spilled some of the water on her shirt, and she had to go back into her room and change her shirt yet again. This time she put on a shirt with a big pink heart on it.

Mila went back into the bathroom and brushed her hair and put it up in a ponytail. When she looked in the mirror, it looked really messy so she took it out and started over again. When she finally got her ponytail right, she put in a couple of gold clips to keep her bangs out of her eyes. One of them immediately slid out, and she had to put it in again.

When Mila was finally satisfied with her hair, she went back into her room. She looked for her backpack. She was supposed to leave it by the front door on school nights, but she usually didn't. She went downstairs and found her backpack on the living room couch. She put it by the front door and took her jean jacket out of the hall closet and put it there too.

Mila went into the kitchen to grab something to eat before she had to leave. She wondered why it was so quiet as she quickly swallowed down a peanut butter granola bar and gulped down a cup of milk. She guessed she wasn't the only one running late this morning.

Mila wondered where her mother was and was just about to go upstairs and look for her when her mother appeared in the kitchen doorway. She was surprised to see that her mother was not dressed for the day but wore a yellow robe and a pair of pink fluffy slippers. "Good morning." Mila greeted her mother cheerfully.

"Good morning." replied her mother. She looked at Mila with a puzzled look. "What are you doing up?" she asked Mila in confusion.

"What do you mean what am I doing up?" asked Mila. She glanced quickly up at the clock on the microwave. It was 8:25. "It's late already. I have to leave for school in five minutes."

Mila's mother shook her head."No you don't.'" she replied.

Now, it was Mila's turn to be confused. "What!?" she exclaimed.

"It's Saturday." explained her mother.

"Oh." replied Mila. She sighed wearily. Then, she hurried back upstairs to go back to bed.

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