Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Dog Who Went to School

The sun was shining way too brightly that morning as Kinsi Lennox was awaked by her big yellow dog, Nugget bouncing on to her bed. She pushed him away and looked at the clock. Unfortunately, it was a school day so she had to get up and get out of bed. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Nugget followed her wanting attention. "Go away, Nugget!" she said sternly. "I don't have time to play with you now."

When she came out of the bathroom, Nugget was chewing on one of her socks. "Nugget!" she exclaimed grabbing the sock out of his mouth. It was too late. The sock already had a hole in it. She angrily threw the sock back to the dog and reached in her drawer for another one. She barely had time to finish getting dressed and brush her hair before she heard her mother calling from downstairs.

"Kinsi! You're going to be late."

"Coming Mommmy!" Kinsi answered back. She glared at Nugget. "It's all your fault." she said. Nugget wagged his tail at her and followed her down the steps.

Kinsi went into the kitchen. After a quick kiss for her Mom, she gulped down half a bagel and a glass of orange juice. Then, she grabbed her bookbag from beside the front door. She opened the door to go out to the bus stop, but before she could step outside Nugget flew past her and out the door.

"Nugget!" screamed Mommy and Kinsi as they started chasing Nugget down the driveway. Nugget was too quick, and they couldn't reach him.

"You go. You'll miss your bus. " Mommy instructed Kinsi. Kinsi nodded and unhappily dragged herself off to the bus stop. She really didn't want to leave while Nugget was still out there some place, but she had no choice.

As Kinsi stood at the bus stop, Nugget ran by. He came over to Kinsi. "Nugget!" she whispered loudly into his ear "Go home!" The other kids started making a lot of noise and pointing at Nugget. He ran off and not in the direction of home. Kinsi sighed.

Just then, the school bus arrived. Kinsi got on the bus and hurried into her seat. She sat there with her face in her hands worrying about her dog.

"Look!" called out another kid on the bus. "That dog is following the bus!"

Kinsi worriedly looked up and out the bus window. 'Nugget!' she begged silently. 'Please go home.'

The other kids were laughing and talking and pointing out the window until the bus driver finally had to stop the bus to get them to sit down. Kinsi sat quietly in her seat shaking her head.

When the bus arrived at school, the kids hurried off it and into the red brick building. Kinsi looked around as she exited the bus. She was thankful when she didn't see Nugget and hoped that he had gone home.

She walked down the school hallway and was about to enter her classroom when she heard a voice behind her called out "Look!"

Kinsi froze and then, slowly turned around. She suddenly felt a big pink tongue licking her face. "Nugget!" she said angrily shaking her finger at him. "Your gonna get me in trouble."

Just than Mr. Philpot the Vice Principal walked by. He was really strict and mean and none of the kids liked him "What do we have here?" he asked Kinsi angrily glaring at the dog through his spectacles. "Whose dog is this and what is he doing in school?" he asked angrily.

"Well I...." stammered Kinsi nervously.

"He followed us to school just like Mary's lamb." called out another kid who was on Kinsi's bus and just happened to be standing in the hallway at that moment.

"Is that right?" asked Mr. Philpot. Kinsi nodded. Mr. Philpot grabbed Nugget by the scruff of the neck and was about to usher him out of the school.

"Wait, please!" exclaimed Kinsi. "That's my dog."

"So it is your dog." replied Mr. Philpot.

"Yes." admitted Kinsi. "But he really did just follow me to school. I didn't mean for him too."

Mr. Philpot had his usual mean look on his face, and it was hard to tell if he was angry or not. "Nevertheless, he can't stay here." Kinsi nodded in agreement but she didn't know what to do.  Mr. Philpot took Kinsi and Nugget off to the Principal's office. Kinsi bit her lip really hard to keep from crying. She had never been in trouble before.

The Principal Mrs. Cleary was as nice as Mr. Philpot was mean. All the kids loved her. She was as surprised as Mr. Philpot to see a dog in the school but didn't say anything until she heard the whole story. Then, she looked at Kinsi who was nervously chewing on her finger and holding onto Nugget's collar with her other hand while swallowing hard and trying not to cry. "Don't worry, honey." Mrs. Cleary said softly. "Your not in trouble. It wasn't your fault. We'll just call your mother and have her come and get your dog, and you can go back to class."

"Can I please wait for my Mom?" asked Kinsi. She didn't want to let Nugget out of her sight until she was sure her Mom had him. Mrs. Cleary agreed.

A few minutes latter, Mommy arrived at school. "Mommy!" exclaimed Kinsi in relief. Mommy hugged Kinsi with one arm and grabbed Nugget with the other.  "Come on Nugget." said Mommy. "No more school for you."

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