Sunday, April 27, 2014

Teaching Seraphina to Share

"Mommy!" complained Scarlet De Gregorio. "Seraphina is always taking whatever I want to play with!"

"You have to share with your little sister." explained Mommy calmly.

"I know how to share!" exclaimed Scarlet indignantly. "It's Seraphina who doesn't know how to share."

"Then, we'll have to teach her." said Mommy patiently. Mommy took the gold chain off of her neck and handed it to Scarlet.  "See Sera," she explained "Mommy is sharing with Scarlet." Mommy pointed to Scarlet's purple headband. Scarlet took it off and handed it Mommy. "Now, Scarlet is sharing with Mommy."

Seraphina nodded. "Share." she repeated.

A little while later, Scarlet was sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in front of her. Seraphina went over and grabbed one. "Hey!" exclaimed Scarlet angrily jumping out of her seat.

"Seraphina," said Mommy frowning and shaking her head. "We don't grab."

"Sorry." said Seraphina, but she didn't give the cookie back.

Scarlet reached for it. "Hey!" she said "That's my cookie!"

"Share." said Seraphina. She looked at Mommy. Mommy looked at Scarlet and nodded her head.

Scarlet scowled. She gulped down the rest of her cookies before Seraphina could take any more. She quickly swallowed her milk. Then, she left the kitchen in a huff mumbling about how much sharing stinks.

Seraphina finished her cookie and followed Mommy upstairs. Mommy sat at her dressing table touching up her make up. Seraphine sat down beside her. "Share." she said pointing to Mommy's make up.

"Oh, sweetie!" said Mommy. "I think you're a little too young for makeup."

"Share." repeated Seraphina puckering up her lips as though she were going to cry.

Mommy's heart instantly melted. "Okay." she said. She put a tiny bit of lip gloss on Seraphina's lips.

Seraphina proudly admired her shiny lips in the dressing table mirror. "Pretty!" she said. Mommy couldn't help smiling too at her adorable daughter. 

Seraphina went off to find Daddy and show him her pretty lips. She found him lying across the family room couch taking a nap. Seraphina poked him with her finger. "Daddy, share!" she ordered him.

"What?" exclaimed Daddy waking up abruptly and blinking the sleep out of his eyes.

"Daddy, share!" repeated Seraphina pointing to the couch. Daddy sat up and Seraphina crawled up on the couch beside him. They watch TV for a little bit until Mom called from the other room. She needed Daddy to go to the store and pick up some things they needed for dinner.

"Do you want to go with me?" he asked Seraphina. She nodded eagerly. After Daddy told Mommy he was taking Seraphina, they headed out the door.

At the store, Daddy remembered he needed to get an anniversary card for Mommy. While he was looking for a card, Seraphina found some colorful stickers. "Pretty!" she said grabbing a handful of packages of stickers and showing them to Daddy.

"Would you like some stickers?" he asked.

Seraphina bobbed her head up and down excitedly.

"You can pick out one package of stickers." Daddy told her.

Seraphina quickly picked out a package of Hello Kitty stickers and threw the other packs on the floor.

"Seraphina!" said Daddy shaking his head. "We don't throw things on the floor." He bent down to pick up the rest of the stickers. Seraphina helped him. They finished shopping and went to check out.

When they got home, Scarlet was in the kitchen helping Mommy. "What's that?" she asked curiously spying the package of stickers clutched tightly in Seraphina's hand.

"Hitty Kitty (Hitty Kitty was what Seraphina called Hello Kitty)." said Seraphina proudly showing off her stickers to her sister.

"Hey!" said Scarlet turning green with jealousy that she didn't have any Hello Kitty stickers and Seraphina did.

"Sera, is going to share them with you. Aren't you, Sera?" said Daddy.

Seraphina held the pack of stickers even tighter and clutched it to her chest. "Mine!" she said possessively.

"Seraphina, " said Mommy disappointedly. "What have we been learning about sharing? Don't you want to share your stickers with your sister."

Seraphina quickly shook her head no. "Mine." she said holding tightly to her stickers and running out of the room.

"I guess we still have more work to do." said Mommy.

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