Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spaghetti again?!

Charlotte Putnam's mom was not the worst cook in the world. She was not the best cook in the world either. Her family never really appreciated her cooking. They just ate it and didn't really think about it. it. Then, one day she made spaghetti, and it was so incredibly delicious that they just had to say something.

"Mmm! These noodles are so soft!" exclaimed Charlotte. "Can I have some more?" Mommy smiled brightly and happily scooped out another plateful for her.

"And this sauce is so tomatoey." added her sister, Renee. "I want more too!" Mommy smiled even brighter and scooped out another plateful for Renee as well.

"I have never tasted meatballs so light and fluffy." added their Dad. "I'll take some more as well."

This time, Mommy frowned. "You all like it that much? I don't believe it. You are all just trying to be nice to me." she said unhappily.

"No, it's really delicious, honey." said Dad sincerely. "You really outdid yourself today."

"We love it too!" added Charlotte and Renee together.

"Really?" asked Mommy still unsure. They all nodded. Mommy smiled happily and scooped out another plateful for Daddy.

The next day, they had spaghetti again. "Yeah!" exclaimed Charlotte and Renee happily. They all sat down eagerly and couldn't wait to dig in to their food.

When they had spaghetti again for the third day, the girls were getting kind of sick of it.  Daddy was too. "Oh, spaghetti again." said Charlotte, but she didn't sound that excited about it.

"Thank you, honey." said Daddy, but he didn't sound all that happy either.

By the fourth day, they couldn't even pretend to be excited about it any more. Charlotte just stared at her plate miserably. Renee practically started to cry, but Daddy gave her a warning look so she bit her lip really hard to stop herself. Daddy smiled at Mommy but even he couldn't say anything nice about the spaghetti anymore.

After a week of nothing but spaghetti, Renee couldn't take it anymore. As soon as they sat down for dinner that night, and she saw another plate of spaghetti in front of her, she started to cry.

"What's the matter?" asked Mommy with a voice full of concern.

"We hate spaghetti!" exclaimed Charlotte. Renee nodded in agreement through her tears.

Mommy looked confused. "I thought you loved my spaghetti."

"Well, we have had it an awful lot lately." said Daddy gently trying not to upset Mommy.

"You don't want anymore spaghetti?" asked Mommy disappointedly.

"No!" exclaimed Charlotte and Renee together.

 "Okay." said Mommy quietly. 

"Of course, we'll eat spaghetti tonight because you already made it." said Daddy. He gave the two girls a stern look. They were not happy about it but they ate it, but nobody had seconds.

The next day, Mommy served pot roast. It was delicious. "This meat is so tender." said Daddy. He helped himself to some more.

"These potatos are so soft." said Charlotte. "Can I have some more too?" Mommy happily refilled her plate.

"Yum! Yum!" added Renee holding out her plate to be refilled too. Mommy smiled. She loved it when her family appreciated her cooking.

The next day it was pot roast again and the day after and the day after that.... Until finally Charlotte and Renee couldn't stand it anymore and even though Daddy tried to stop them they called out at the dinner table "No more pot roast! We hate pot roast! We are sick of pot roast!"

The next day, they had tacos. They were good but nobody said anything about it. The day after that it was  baked chicken. It was good too, but nobody said anything about that either. Life went on and they ate different things for dinner. It was usually good, but nobody said anything about it.

Then, one day, Charlotte's friend Rita came to dinner. They had stuffed shells, and they all ate heartily. "Thank you for having me to dinner, Mrs. Putnam. These stuffed shells are delicious."

Charlotte quickly covered her friend's mouth. "No!" exclaimed Charlotte and Renee together. However, it was too late.  Mommy had already heard. The next day they had stuffed shells again.

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