Friday, April 18, 2014

Don't Feed the Dog

Afton Perry sat at the dinner table staring at a plate of food. She hated meat and she hated vegetables. She only wanted to get to the good stuff- dessert. She looked at the cookie jar sitting on the counter across the room, and her mouth watered just thinking about those creamy Oreo cookies.

"Hurry up!, Afton!" shouted her older sister Astrid impatiently. She had finished her own food ten minutes ago and was waiting for Afton to finish so they could have dessert.

Mom shot Astrid a red angry look. It said if Astrid didn't be quiet she wouldn't be getting dessert at all. So Astrid instantly shut up.

Doodle, their white Scottish Terrier, lay under Afton's chair. He was impatient too. He was waiting for Afton to drop some food under her chair. She always did. Under Afton's chair was the best place in the kitchen to find food besides the refrigerator.

After about ten more minutes, Mommy let Astrid leave the table. "I'll call you when we are ready for dessert." Mommy told her.

Astrid left the room glaring at Afton as she went. Afton sighed. Astrid went in the other room and loudly. turned on the TV. It was Doc McStuffins, one of Afton's favorite shows. Afton sighed again and sadly starred at her food but still didn't eat it.

After about another ten minutes, Mommy let Astrid come in and eat her dessert. Astrid crunched her cookies and slurped her milk loudly. She look at Afton with a satisfied look on her face the whole time. It said 'Ha Ha I'm eating cookies and your not.'

"That's enough, Astrid." said Mom angrily when she noticed the way Astrid was looking at Afton.

Astrid was finished anyway. "Can I be excused?" she asked. Mom nodded. Astrid threw her garbage away and went back to watching TV. Afton sighed yet again.

Mommy frowned at Afton. "Finish up." she told Afton angrily. Mommy had things to do, and Afton was wasting her time.

Suddenly, Mommy's cell phone started ringing. It had been charging upstairs. Mommy went up to answer it. The minutes she left the room, Afton put her plate on the floor. Doodle hungrily ate all of her food. Afton scooped up her plate and put it back on the table. "You were right, Mommy." she said just as her mother came back in the room. "It wasn't so bad when I tried it."

Mommy looked at Afton's empty plate. She looked confused about why Afton had suddenly given in and decided to eat, but she just nodded her head. "You can have dessert now." Mommy told her.

Afton happily counted out four cookies from the cookie jar and sat down at the table to eat them. Mommy poured her a glass of milk.

The next day, every time everybody looked away, Afton fed a little bit of her food to Doodle.  She started doing that every day. "I'm proud of you Afton." said Mommy. "You are eating so much better." Afton was proud of herself too, but for a different reason.

However, even though Afton was eating enough to stay alive, she wasn't eating enough to stay full. Every night her tummy rumbled after dinner, and she complained that she was still hungry. "I don't understand why your always hungry when you're eating better." said Mommy shaking her head. No matter how hungry Afton was, Mommy wouldn't let her eat anymore after dinner. The house was rule was no food after dinner and dessert and Mommy took that rule very seriously.

Finally, one day Astrid looked up when Afton was feeding her dinner to the dog. "Look at what, Afton's doing, Mommy!" she shouted standing up and pointing a finger at her sister.

Mommy looked up at Afton and frowned. "Have you been feeding your dinners to Doodle?" Afton shook her head no. Mommy frowned deeply at Afton. Lying was even worse than asking for food after dinner. Afton nodded slowly and looked at the floor. "Afton, " said Mommy with a voice full of disappointment. "We do not feed our dinner to the dog. Do you understand?" Afton frowned and nodded slowly. "I'm disappointed in you, Afton." said Mommy quietly. "From now on, you are going to have to be watched when you eat until I'm sure that I can trust you. Do you understand?" Afton nodded again even more slowly and very unhappily.

From that day on Afton actually had to start eating her own food if she wanted to get dessert and sometimes just sometimes it wasn't as bad as she thought.

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