Friday, March 28, 2014

Tiffany's Toys

Tiffany Lunford was watching TV when she saw a commercial for a brand-new Sparkly Princess Puppy toy. Tiffany really really wanted it. She knew if she asked her mother to buy it for her, her mother would say "Tiffany," in that sort of disappointed voice that said Tiffany should have known better than to ask in the first place, "You already have enough toys, and you never want to get rid of any." It was true Tiffany was very attached to her toys, and she never did want to get rid of any. Mom always told her "If you don't get rid of any toys, you won't have any room to get more."

Tiffany really wanted that Sparkly Princess Puppy. She had to think of a way that she could get it. Then, she had a great idea. If she got rid of an old toy, she could get the puppy. Then, she had an even better idea, if she got rid of all her toys, she could get all new toys. She excitedly started dividing her toys into piles and making lists.

She worked all morning and then finally she was ready. She grabbed her Barbie bag and went into her older sister, Tiana's room. Tiana was lying on her bed with a book in her lap studying. Tiana was always studying. She was very smart and got really good grades and was proud of them. "What do you want?" she asked Tiffany rudely. She did not like to be interrupted when she was studying.

Tiffany smiled brightly and ignored her sister's rudeness. "These are for you." she said handing Tiana the Barbie bag. "And so are these." she added handing her sister a piece of paper with Tiana's name at the top and a list of toys underneath.

"What do I need dolls for?" asked Tiana. "I'm in high school. I don't need any of these other things either." She tried to hand the list back to her sister but Tiffany wouldn't take it. She left the list and the Barbie bag and slipped out of the room.

She went back to her room and got some games and another list. She went into her brother Tommy's room. Tommy was playing his DS. "Here Tommy," said Tiffany cheerfully. "These are for you." She dumped the games on his bed and handed him the list.

Tommy was confused by his sister's strange behavior. "Are you moving out or dying or something?" he asked.

Tiffany shook her head no. "I just want you to have these things." she said.

Tommy shrugged and looked at the games. "What am I going to do with Monopoly Jr. and Pretty Pretty Princess?" he asked. All of the games were either games Tommy thought he was too old for or games he considered girl games or both. "Tiffany!" he called after his sister as she had already left the room, but she didn't answer and she didn't come back.

Tiffany went into her little sister's room with a bunch of stuffed animals and a third list. "Here Tasha." she said to her little sister who was playing on the floor with her own toys. "These are for you." she said handing Tasha the stuffed animals and the list.

"Oh boy!" exclaimed Tasha excitedly. She had always loved Tiffany's toys, and she had always wanted them for herself. She grabbed a purple giraffe to her and hugged it. "Can you read me the list?" she asked eagerly.

"Later." replied Tiffany. Now that she had given away her toys, she wanted to go make a list of the toys she wanted to get to replace them. She went into her room and took out a fresh piece of paper and a pencil.

Just then, Mommy poked her head in the room. "Hi babe," she said sweetly. "Can we talk?"

"Sure, Mommy."

"What's this about you giving away all your toys? Are you going to be leaving us?"

"No, Mommy." replied Tiffany. "I'm just doing what you said." she replied proudly.

"What I said?" asked Mommy in confusion.

"Yes." replied Tiffany nodding her head. "If I don't get rid of toys, I won't have room for any new toys so I am getting rid of all my toys and that way I will have lots of rooms for lots of new toys." She smiled brightly at her mother very pleased with herself.

"Oh, honey." replied her mother sadly. "That's not the way it works. We can't replace all of your toys at once. That would cost too much money. Besides, if you got all new toys at once, you wouldn't have time to play with them all."

Tiffany instantly frowned and all her happy went away. She went in Tiana's room and took back her Barbie's and grabbed the list and crumbled it on the floor. Tiana looked up and glared at her when she heard the sound of the paper crumbling. Tiffany went into Tommy's room and took back her games and crumbled his list too. Tommy just shook his head. He would never understand girls. She went into Tasha's room and took back her stuffed animals and crumbled her list. Tasha looked as if she were going to cry. She had really wanted Tiffany's toys. Tiffany felt a little bad. "Okay," she sighed. "You can keep this." she handed Tasha back the purple giraffe.

Tasha smiled again and hugged it to her. "Thank you, Tiffany." she said hugging her sister.

Just as Tiffany had finished putting away the last of her stuff in her own room, her Mom appeared in the doorway again. "I heard what you did for your sister." she said. "I'm proud of you. I know you really loved that giraffe." Tiffany nodded.  "I think we can find room for one new toy." said Mommy. "After all, you did give your giraffe away."

"Oh thank you, Mommy!" exclaimed Tiffany.

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