Thursday, March 20, 2014

Little Tabby's Outdoor Adventure

Tabby was a little gray and white kitten. She belonged to the Culver Family. There were four members of the Culver family. There was Mom. There was Dad. There was 8 year old Megan, and  there was 5 year old Sari. All of the Culvers loved their little Tabby. Tabby loved them too, but that didn't stop her from being a curious little kitten and getting into all sorts of a trouble.

Tabby was always discovering new places. She might  be found on top of the refrigerator one day. The next day she would be under the tool chest in the garage. Then, the day after that day she would be found behind Megan's bed or on the shelf in Sari's closet. She was always finding new places to explore, and get lost and make trouble. Megan and Sari never worried though because they always found her somewhere in the house. Until one day, they didn't.

It was a crazy busy day. It was supposed to be a school day, but it had snowed overnight so school was cancelled. Megan and Sari decided to play  outside in the snow. Mommy and Daddy were going to take them up to the big hill to go sledding.  They bundled up in their warm coats, woolen hats, gloves and scarves. They grabbed their sleds and headed out the door. They were so excited and in such as rush to go sledding that nobody noticed that Tabby had slipped out of the house with them.

Tabby had never been outside before except in her carrier to go to the vet. She was so excited to be out that she didn't know what to do.  She just ran around the porch for a while. Then, she scrambled down the front steps. She look around for her family, but they had disappeared down the street on their way to the sledding hill. Tabby tried to walk in the snow, but she was too little and she kept getting her paws stuck in the snow.  She didn't really like the cold, and she didn't like the snow on her paws. She finally managed to drag herself back to the porch and up the stairs.

She hid under the porch bench. She tried to sleep there but it was still too cold. There was a big old empty planter right by the front door. There had once been pretty purple fake flowers in it, but they had blown away in a hurricane last year and never been replaced so now the planter was empty. Tabby crawled in and curled up and went to sleep.

A while later, the family came home, they were all cold and tired and couldn't wait to go in the house and warm up. Tabby awoke as soon as she heard them. By the time, she scrambled out of the planter they had gone in the house. Tabby leaned up against the door and meowed.

The family was all sitting around the table drinking hot chocolate. "Did you hear something?" asked Mommy.

"Yes." replied Daddy.

"I heard it too." said Megan.

"It sounds like Tabby." added Sari.

"Did somebody lock Tabby in the garage?" asked Daddy.

Megan flung open the garage door and called Tabby's name. There was nothing but silence. She turned on the light and looked in the garage, but she didn't see anything. Just as she closed the door, the meowing started again and it definitely wasn't coming from the garage.

"Try the basement." suggested Mommy.

Sari quickly opened the basement door and ran down the steps. She ran back up just as quickly a few minutes later. "She's not there." said Sari sadly beginning to cry.

Megan put her arm around her little sister. "Don't worry." she insisted. "We'll find her." Mommy and Daddy nodded in agreement.  

The meowing started again. It sounded so sad. Sari started crying even harder. Megan hugged her even tighter.

Daddy put his ear to the door. "It sounds like the meowing is coming from outside."  he said. He opened the front door and looked out, but didn't see anything. Megan and Sari both looked out the window next to the door, and they didn't see anything either.

Just as Daddy was about to close the front door and come back in, they heard  a meow again. "It's coming from the planter!" exclaimed Megan.  She let go of her sister, hurried out of the door without even worrying about how cold it was and reached into the planter and pulled out her shivering little kitten.

"Tabby!" exclaimed Sari in relief as her sister carried the cat into the house.

"Oh you poor thing." said Mommy. "Let's warm you up." She had Daddy light a fire in the fireplace and they all sat around the fireplace with Tabby. After Tabby warmed up, she took turns sleeping in all their laps.  She was happy to be home with her family. Still that didn't stop her from trying to run out the door again, but she always came back.

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