Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jemma Just Won't Go to Bed

It had been a Saturday full of sunshine and laughter and playing at the park. Audry Witherspoon was exhausted. She couldn't wait to go to sleep. As soon as her head hit her soft fluffy white pillow, she started drifting off to Dreamland.

Just as Audry was about to sleep, she was jarred awake by something tugging at her arm. She blinked hard and opened her eyes to groggily to see her little sister, Jemma standing next to her bed pulling on her arm. "Audry, are you awake?" whispered Jemma loudly.

"I am now." replied Audry not very happily. She really wished she was asleep. "What's the matter?" she asked hoping what ever it was could be taken care of quickly, and she could go to sleep.

Jemma didn't seem to notice her sister's unhappiness.  "I had fun at the park with you today." Jemma said smiling brightly at her big sister.

"I had fun with you too." replied Audry. She smiled back weakly. She was too tired to make more of an effort. "Now go back to bed."

"Goodnight, Audry."

"Goodnight, Jemma."

Jemma obediently padded back to her own bed on the other side of the room. Audry sighed and rolled over in her bed. Just as  she was getting comfortable and ready to close her eyes again, Jemma called out again. "Audry!"

Audry frowned. 'Why won't Jemma let me sleep she thought miserably?' Out loud she said "What Jemma?"

"Do you think we can go to the park again tomorrow?"

"I don't know it depends on the weather."

"I hope we can. I want to go on the swings and climb to the top of the monkey bars and we can run around and spin and jump." Jemma excitedly chattered on about all the things she wanted to do in the park.

Finally, Audry stopped her. She had had enough. It had been a fun day but a long one. She really really just wanted to sleep. "Go to bed, Jemma." she insisted firmly. "We can talk more about this tomorrow."

Jemma stopped talking right in the middle of a sentence. "Okay." she agreed unhappily. She loved talking about the park and all the things she wanted to do there almost as much as she liked going there. She kissed Audry on the cheek. "Goodnight." she said before scampering back over to her own bed once again.

Audry was too tired too reply. Once again, she started drifting off to sleep. This time just as she was about to sleep, she heard loud crying. She sat up and looked over at Jemma's bed.  Jemma was huddled up in a little ball on her bed with tears streaming down her face. Audry dragged herself out of her bed and went over to Jemma's. "What's the matter?" she asked worriedly.

"You're mad at me." sobbed Jemma.

Audry shook her head. "No, I'm not." she said although she was a little bit.

"You don't love me!" accused Jemma.

"Of course, I do." replied Audry. At least that was still true.

"Then, why didn't you say goodnight to me just now?"

In fact, Audry had said goodnight to her sister several times.  She was tired of saying goodnight. She was tired of saying anything. She just wanted to sleep. However, all that wasn't worth pointing out and wasn't going to bring back the sleep she had already lost so she just said. "Goodnight, Jemma."

"Goodnight, Audry." replied Jemma happily reaching up and hugging her sister. Jemma lay down on her pillow. Audry dragged herself back over to her own bed and climbed under the covers.

Audry lay in bed for a few minutes with her eyes open waiting for something to happen.  She was sure any minute Jemma would wander over to Audry's bed again or start talking loudly or something. She was sure Jemma wasn't really going to bed. After a minute or two of silence, Audry looked at her sister's bed. Jemma was lying down under her flowered blanket with her head on her fluffy pillow. Her eyes were closed.

Audry sighed happily. 'Finally!" she thought. Once again, she started drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly, she was jolted awake by a loud noise. It was like a buzzsaw. She sat up looked around to find out what it was. Then, she finally realized what it was. It was Jemma snoring. Audry sighed again, but this time unhappily. It was going to be a long night.

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