Monday, March 31, 2014

Cutie Pie Callie

Today's Story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter

Cutie Pie Callie

Callie was a three year old little girl. Everybody thought she was so cute and hilarious. Her sister, Pippi, always wanted to be with her to hear the funny things she said. For example, one night her Dad was lying down with her when she was trying to sleep. He said to her, “Close those little eyes.”

Close those big eyes.” answered Callie.

One day, Callie asked if they could go to the park. “We can bring Princess Marie to get exercise.” Princess Marie was their dog.

Okay.” said Mom.

Yeah!” said Callie and Pippi.

When we go to the park, can you push me on the swing?” asked Callie.

Sure I will.” said Pippi.

When they got to the park, Callie ran straight to the swings. Pippi came over and lifted Callie into the swing. As she pushed Callie in the swing, she tried to teach her little sister about opposites.' “Everything has an opposite.” said Pippi. “In is the opposite of out. Up is the opposite of down.”

What is the opposite of tree?” asked Callie.

Never mind, Callie. Let's just go on the slide.”

They went over to the slide. “Fun!” said Callie. “We should get our own playground.”

Where would we put it? Our backyard is not big enough.” said Pippi.

In our park, of course.”

What park? We don't have a park.”

Callie didn't answer. She was already thinking of other things. “Let's play Tag.” she said excitedly.

Okay.” said her sister.

They ran over by the trees to play. “You know,” announced Callie. “I wasn't born I fell out of a tree.”

Pippi just shook her head.

Then, they played for a while. It started getting dark. “Shall we go home?” asked Mom.

My name is not shall we.” replied Callie.

They went home ate dinner and Callie went to bed.

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