Friday, March 7, 2014

A Quiet Place for Quiana

Quiana Henry came home from a trip to the library with a big stack of books. She couldn't wait to dive in and begin reading them. She loved to read books. There was nothing she loved more. She spread the books out on the table and sat down. She opened one and began reading.

Just then the phone on the wall rang loudly. It rang several times but nobody answered it. Just then, Quiana's mother walked in the front door carrying an armload of packages on one side and Quiana's baby sister,  Suki on the other. "Could you get that please?" she asked as though Quiana should have known to get it in the first place. Quiana slowly got up from the table, wandered over to the phone and picked it up.

It was Grandma. Quiana's mother carefully set the packages down. She asked Quiana to talk to Grandma for a few minutes while she went upstairs and put the baby down for a nap. Quiana didn't really want to talk to Grandma right now. She wanted to read, but she did as she was told. Finally, Quiana's mother came back and took the phone. Quiana went back to her book.

After a minute or two, Quiana looked up again. Her mother wasn't talking that much but she could hear Grandma's loud voice right through the phone. Grandma's voice was so loud that Quiana couldn't concentrate on her book. She didn't think the conversation would be winding down any time soon either. Grandma loved to talk. You could tell her your house was on fire, and you had to leave immediately or you would be burned up, and she would probably keep right on talking to you and not let you off the phone. Quiana sighed scooped her books up off the table and wandered into the living room.

She threw her books down onto the couch, flopped down next to them and put her feet up. 'Ah this is more like it' she thought happily opening her book again.

She had only read a page or too when her older sister, Meira wandered in. She totally ignored Quiana. She sat down on the loveseat and grabbed the remote control and put on the TV. At the same time, she took out her cell phone and starting dialing. Quiana didn't know how she could possibly hear anyone speaking on the other end of the phone with the TV blasting so loudly.

"Do you mind?" asked Meira angrily when she noticed her sister staring at her. "This is a private conversation."

"Do you!?" asked Quiana equally as angrily. After all, she had been here first. It wasn't even worth arguing over though because Meira would never admit she had been the one who had been wrong. Quiana scooped up her books once again and went upstairs.

She went in her room and settled down on her bed and once again opened her book. Her own room, that was the best place to read. She should have thought of that in the first place. She had only read a few pages when she heard noises. She looked up to see what it was and finally realized it was her baby sister, Suki babbling to herself in her crib in the room next door. "Be quiet, Suki. Go to sleep." called Quiana through the wall. However, Suki only seemed encouraged by that and began babbling even more. Quiana sighed picked up her books and once again began looking for a quiet place.

She went outside and sat down on the front lawn. That wasn't a good place because the neighborhood kids were running around playing loudly on their own lawns. She went into the backyard and sat on the patio, but the birds in the trees were chirping loudly. She went back in the house and went into the basement. The basement was divided into three rooms, a bathroom, a big playroom, and a laundry room. Nobody wanted to play in the playroom, however, because it was a big mess and nobody wanted to clean it. Quiana sat in the playroom for a while and tried to read but it was uncomfortable because of all the toys on the floor. She went into the laundry room and sat down on the piles of clothes and opened her book once more. Nobody bothered her. She lay there for hours reading. She had finally found her quiet place at least until laundry day.

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