Monday, February 3, 2014

A Card for Candace

Mia Zambrano was shopping with her mother. When she saw the greeting card aisle, she suddenly remembered that her older sister, Candace's birthday was coming up. "Can I get a card for Candace?" she asked eagerly.  Her mother looked up for a moment from the grocery list she was looking over and nodded, and then immediately went back to her list. Mia looked up at the row of cards and found the ones for sisters. "This looks like a good one." she said reaching for one. She opened it up and read it, then shook her head disappointedly and put it back. "Too silly." she said. She took another one. That one was too sappy. The next one didn't make sense. Mia finished all the sister cards and still hadn't found a card she liked. She started looking at the general birthday cards.

"Mia," her mother said impatiently. "Just pick a card and let's get going. We have a lot of shopping to do."

"But, I can't find one." complained Mia. "They are all too sappy or silly or stupid or something."

"Well, maybe you'll find one at Target." said Mommy. "We are going there after."

Mia immediately brightened. Target had a lot more cards then the supermarket. Surely, she would find a card for Candace there.

When they got to Target, Mia dragged Mommy immediately over to the card section. She eagerly began going through the racks of cards. Still, she could not find a card for Candace. She looked and looked. Then, she walked back and forth and she looked some more.

"Mia," said Mommy tiredly. "Let's get going. I am going to have to go home and make dinner soon."

"But, Mommy." protested Mia. "I don't have a card yet."

"We've been over here for 15 minutes. If you haven't found a card you like yet, one is not going to appear out of thin air."

Mia sighed disappointedly and followed her mother away from the card section.

"You still have time." Mommy pointed out. "Candace's birthday isn't for two weeks."

Mia instantly cheered up. Surely, two weeks was plenty of time to find a card for her sister.

The two weeks went by quickly. Every time they went to a store, Mia searched and searched and still couldn''t find a card that she liked.

"Maybe, your being too picky." suggested Mommy one afternoon at CVS.

Mia angrily glared at her mother. "I don't think so." she said. She wanted just the right card and she was not willing to settle for anything less.

Finally, it was the day before, Candace's birthday. Mia still didn't have a card. Mommy didn't know where else to take her. "I have taken you everywhere I can think of that you can possibly get a card." she said. "I guess you are just going to have to go without one."

Mia wasn't willing to admit defeat, however. She sat and thought for a while and came up with a plan. She went into her room and took out a piece a paper and all her crayons and markers. If she couldn't find the card she wanted to give her sister, she was just going to have to make it herself. Across the front of the card, she wrote "Happy Birthday" and she drew a picture of two sisters.  Inside, she wrote. "Dear Candace, I'm so happy to have you for a sister. Happy Birthday. I love you!" Then, she signed her name and put  it in an envelope and sealed it up.

The next morning when Candace came down to breakfast, Mommy and Mia were already waiting. Mommy was cooking French Toast, Candace's favorite breakfast.  The air smelled delicious, cinnamony with a dash of vanilla.  "My you look pretty today." Mommy said to Candace. "Is it some special occasion?" she teased.

"You know it's Candace's birthday, Mommy." scolded Mia too tired to play along. She ran and got her card and handed it to Candace.

Candace smiled at her, took the card and opened it. For a minute, her expression didn't change. Mia got worried. What if she didn't like it? Then, Candace broke out into a huge grin. "I love it. " she said. "It is the nicest card I ever got. Thank you ."

"You're welcome." replied Mia still beaming. She was sure she had made the right decision and given her sister the perfect birthday card.

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  1. That was a great idea. Sounds like it made here birthday perfect getting such a nice card.