Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tabitha Gets A Tummy Ache

Tabitha Shilling loved candy. She loved lollipops and gumdrops and taffy and all sorts of candy. If it was sticky and gooey and sugary, she loved it. Her favorite by far was anything chocolate. She just couldn't stay away from it. If she saw chocolate, she had to have it. When Mommy and Daddy noticed that Tabitha was getting a little bit plump, they banned candy from the house.

Tabitha's was watching  cartoons on TV. There were always so many food commercials especially candy ones. It made Tabitha's mouth water hungrily. She was trying to be good and eat better. She really was, but she so missed chocolate. When yet another candy commercial came on, this one for Snickers, one of Tabitha's particular favorite candies, she turned off the TV in disgust.

She went looking for her older sister, Teresa. Tabitha adored her big sister. She was everything that Tabitha wanted to be. She was tall, skinny, pretty, smart and popular. Teresa wasn't in her room but her blue and gold pom poms were laid out her bed. Teresa was on the high school cheerleading team. Tabitha ran the pom poms ribbons through her fingers. She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to be a cheerleader like Teresa. She slipped off the bed and wandered over to Teresa's closet to glimpse at her sister's cheerleader uniform so she could imagine it even better.

As soon as she opened the closet, she got distracted by a box on the floor and forgot all about cheerleading. It was a big box full of candy. There were M & Ms and Twizzlers and Hershey Bars and best of all Snickers. Tabitha's eyes opened wide with delight and she licked her lips hungrily. She opened the box. It was heavy and  full. She took a Snickers bar out of the box and held it in her hand with the wrapper still on. She just wanted to feel it in her hand that's all. She wasn't going to eat it. Then, she just wanted to smell it so she opened the wrapper a little bit. Then, she just had to see it so she opened the wrapper the whole way. She was sure just one tiny little bite wouldn't hurt so she took a tiny taste. That tiny bite was just a tease it wasn't nearly enough for her to taste any of that nutty chocolatey caramely goodness so she took a slight bigger bite. She decided to take another bite and then another and another and before she knew it she had eaten the whole bar. Afterwards, she was overcome by guilt, and she didn't want Teresa to know what she had done. She quickly closed the closet and left the room taking the candy wrapper with her.

In her own room, she threw the candy wrapper away and pushed it all the way down to the bottom of her very full garbage can. She sat down on her bed and picked up a book. She couldn't concentrate on it though. She couldn't stop thinking of the rest of those candy bars lying all chocolately and delicious at the bottom of Teresa's closet. She decided to play with her toys instead, but she couldn't keep her mind on that either. She snuck back into her sister's room, went into the closet and got another candy bar out. This time, she ate the whole bar quickly. "There." she thought happily as she finished the last bite. She was sure she had satisfied her chocolate craving and went back into her own room.

Still, she couldn't stop thinking about those chocolate bars, she went back into Teresa's room three more times and ate three more candy bars. After the first, her stomach started to feel full but not full enough to keep her from eating another bar. After the second, her stomach started to feel a little heavy. After the third, her stomach felt like a rock. It felt so heavy she could barely move. She practically crawled back into her own room and pulled herself  up on to her bed. Her stomach  started to feel even worse. She lay on her bed in pain biting her lip to keep from crying.

Just about that time, Tabitha heard a car pull up in front of the house. She glanced out the window. It was Teresa back from studying at a friend's house. "Oh no." thought Tabitha miserably. She wanted to run and hide but she was too full and in too much pain to drag herself out of her bed.

Tabitha heard the sound of Teresa's feet running up the stairs. Teresa poked her head into her sister's room. "Hey!" she said. "After dinner I'll braid your hair. I just learned how to do a French braid." Unlike most big sister's Teresa was pretty fond of her little sister. Tabitha was really lucky. Only, she didn't feel very lucky right now though. She felt overstuffed and in pain. She nodded weakly.

"Are you okay?" asked Teresa full of concern. She sat beside Tabitha on the bed.

"I'm fine." insisted Tabitha. She pushed herself up even though that made her stomach hurt even more. "I'm just a little tired." she said pretending to yawn. "So I was lying down."

"Are you sure?" asked Teresa. Tabitha nodded. "Well okay then. I'm going to go get ready for dinner. You let me know if you need anything, okay?" The thought of eating dinner or eating anything at all made Tabitha's stomach churn and hurt even more. She hoped she didn't throw up.

Teresa left the room and went into her own room. A few seconds later, Tabitha heard the sound of Teresa's closet door sliding open. She closed her eyes worriedly thinking about the candy bars now missing from the box at the bottom of the closet.

About a minute later came the sound of Teresa yelling. "Tabitha!" Just because she loved her little sister didn't mean they got along all the time or they didn't fight. "Tabitha!"yelled Teresa again. "Where are the rest of my candy bars?!"

Tabitha didn't think she could possibly feel more miserable, but suddenly, she did. She grabbed onto her stomach just as Teresa came storming back into the room. "Where are the rest of my candy bars?" asked Teresa demanding an explanation.

"What are you doing with all that candy in the house anyway?" asked Tabitha trying to shift the focus off herself. "Mommy and Daddy don't allow candy in the house. Why do you need so much candy anyway?"

"They're are not for me. They're for cheerleading. We're selling them for a fundraiser."

"Oh." said Tabitha quietly. She suddenly felt even worse as if that were possible. She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them and looked up at her sister who was still standing there waiting. "I'm sorry, Teresa." she said and she really really was sorrier than she had ever been in her life. "I ate the candy bars. I couldn't help myself. They just looked so good and tasty, and I just love chocolate. I know I shouldn't have eaten them but I did. "

Teresa still didn't look happy, "I have to pay for those." she explained. "They aren't mine."

"I'll pay for the ones I ate out of my allowance." promised Tabitha.

That seemed to make Teresa feel  a little better. She gave Tabitha a half smile. Tabitha was too much in pain to try to smile back. She bit her lip hard and closed her eyes. "Tummy ache?" asked Teresa. Tabitha nodded too much in pain to talk. "Well, five candy bars will do that to you." said Teresa.

"Are you going to tell Mommy and Daddy?" asked Tabitha worriedly.

Teresa shook her head. "No." she said. "You promised to pay the money back, and I think you've learned your lesson."

"I did. I really did." swore Tabitha. She never wanted to see another Snickers bar let alone eat one as long as she lived.

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