Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ramira and the Rainy Day

The sky was a dark and dingy gray. Huge drops of rain poured down nonstop from the sky. Ramira Soto miserably starred out the window. "Mommy, I'm bored!" she complained. She couldn't believe it was raining. She wanted to go out and play. Mommy had promised to take her to the park.

"Don't worry." Mommy assured her cheerfully. "We'll go another day."

That didn't make Ramira feel one tiny little bit better. She didn't want to go another day. She wanted to go today. She frowned miserably at her mother. Now what was she going to do?

Mommy laughed. "Oh, don't be so pouty." she said reaching out and lifting Ramira's chin. "Come on, you can help me with breakfast."

Ramira frowned again. That didn't sound fun at all. Mommy was probably only going to let her set the table like always and that was boring. However, Ramira couldn't be more wrong. Mommy let her break the eggs and add the cheese and mix them. She let Ramira put bread in the toaster to make toast and even carefully butter it. Ramira pretended she was a cook in a restaurant. 1It was a lot of fun.

"Thanks for letting me help you, Mommy." said Ramira gratefully after they had eaten and finished cleaning up.

"No, problem, sweetie." replied Mommy.

Ramira glanced out the window hoping the rain had stopped by now. Unfortunately, it hadn't. Ramira sighed deeply. She didn't know what she was going to do now. 

"Why don't you come and help me?" suggested Mommy. Ramira frowned and didn't move. Mommy stuff was boring. "Come and help me." Mommy said again this time making it clear that it wasn't really a suggestion. Ramira reluctantly trudged after her mother.

The first job was the laundry. That turned out to be surprisingly fun. The bedrooms where the hampers were was upstairs. The laundry room was downstairs. Mommy let Ramira throw the laundry down the stairs instead of carrying it all down. Ramira pretended she was throwing garbage down a chute.

Afterwards, they went downstairs and Mommy let Ramira help sort the laundry by tossing it into separate piles. Ramira pretended she was a famous actress dividing up clothes to giveaway to poor people. When they were done sorting, Mommy even let her jump in the piles for a little bit with her shoes off. Ramira pretended she was jumping in big piles of leaves.

After they sorted the laundry, Ramira helped Mommy make the beds and straighten the bedrooms. She pretended she was a maid in a fancy hotel working to support her five children. That made it more fun.

By the time they finished that it was lunch time. Mommy let Ramira open a can of tunfish and drain and pour it into bowl. Then, Mommy let her add the mayonnaise and mix it. Mommy even let her scoop the tuna onto the bread to make sandwiches. Ramira pretended that Mommy was the little girl, and she was the Mommy. "Now, eat all of your lunch sweetie or you'll be hungry." she said to her mother as they sat down to eat. Mommy smiled at Ramira.

After lunch, Ramira helped Mommy some more. She kept imagining and pretending different things, and it was all a lot of fun. The chores went quickly with Ramira's help so late in the day they even had some extra time to play Scrabble Jr. and Monopoly Jr. before it was time to make dinner.

For dinner, Ramira helped Mommy make spaghetti sauce. She opened the can of sauce and added spices and stirred. She help Mommy fill the pasta pot with water and pour in the spaghetti when it was time and stir that too.

At dinner time, Daddy had three platefuls. "Who made this delicious dinner?" he asked.

"Me and Mommy did." replied Ramira proudly.

That night when Mommy was putting Ramira to bed, she asked. "Did you have fun helping Mommy today?" Ramira nodded happily. "It turned out to be not so bad for a rainy day, didn't it?" said  Mommy.

Ramira smiled and reached up and hugged Mommy tightly. "I hope it rains again tomorrow!" she said.

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