Friday, January 10, 2014

Ella Exaggerates

Ella Ambrose wasn't exactly a liar. She didn't say things that were completely untrue. She just liked to exaggerate a little. Well, okay maybe a lot. She wouldn't say she had a lot of books. She would say she had thousands of books. She wouldn't say she could jump high. She would say could jump higher than anybody else.

"I'm the best reader in the world." she told her mother.

"The best in the whole world?" asked Mommy. She frowned. They were trying to teach Ella not to exaggerate so much.

"Well, maybe not the best in the whole world." Ella corrected herself, "but the best in the whole school."

"Ella .." said Mommy still frowning.

"Well, maybe not the best in the whole school, but the best in my class."

"Ella..." repeated Mommy.

"I'm one of the best readers in my class."she admitted finally. "I'm in the highest reading group."

One night after a really big and  really filling spaghetti dinner, Ella said she was never going to eat again as long as she lived.

"Never?" said Daddy. "Are you sure about that, Ella? Never is a long time."

"Well, not for a long long time" corrected Ella.

"Ella..." said Daddy frowning.

"I'm not going to eat again until breakfast."admitted Ella.

One afternoon, Ella came home from school and tossed her backpack on the floor. "Guess what!" she called out excitedly to her mother. "I have the most exciting news in the whole world! " She looked around but didn't see her Mom only her older sister Erin.

Erin was sitting at the table eating a snack of yogurt. She raised her eyebrows at Ella. "The most exciting news in the world?" she said. "Did you find a way to achieve world peace? Did you discover a cure for a deadly disease? I don't think so. There's no way  your news is the most exciting in the whole world." she scoffed.

Ella glared at her sister.  "Guess what, mommy" Ella repeated.

"Backpack, Ella!" said Mommy coming in from the other room and pointing to Ella's backpack on the floor.

Ella sighed. She picked up her backpack and put it on the table. Didn't anyone care about her great news?

"Now, what's your news?" asked Mommy as if reading Ella's thoughts.

"I'm the best speller in the whole school!"

Mommy frowned. "Ella..." she said.

"No, really I am." repeated Ella.

Mommy frowned even deeper. "Ella..." she said

"I am Mommy." insisted Ella. Erin gave Ella a look that said she didn't believe Ella either. Ella glared at her. "I am the best speller in the whole school."

"Ella," said Mommy calmly and quietly. "I know you're a good speller, but you have to stop this exaggerating."

"I'm not exaggerating. We had a spelling bee in school today, and I won. I beat all the kids in my class, and all the other kids in the school too.  I get to go to the county spelling bee, and if I win that I get to go the state spelling bee. If I win that, I get to go to the national spelling bee."

"Really, Ella?" asked Erin in disbelieve.

"Really Ella?" repeated Mommy but she said it more with surprise than total disbelieve.

"Really." insisted Ella."I am telling the absolute truth. I won the school spelling bee. I am the best speller in my school."

Mommy threw her arms around Ella. "Oh sweetie." she exclaimed genuinely excitedly for Ella.  "I'm so proud of you."

Ella frowned. "Why didn't you believe me at first?" she asked her mother disappointedly.

"Oh come on." butted in Erin. "You exaggerate all the time."

"I wasn't talking to you." replied Ella angrily.

"You do have a tendency to exaggerate." admitted Mommy.

Ella frowned harder. She did not like that Mommy had not believed her at first. "I'm never going to exaggerate again." she swore.

"Ella..." said Mommy.

"Well, I am going to try not to exaggerate anymore." said Ella.

"Now, that I can believe." said Mommy.

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