Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Lost Puppy

It was mid December. Dulcie Wilcox and her mom and her older sister, Diandra were out shopping in the middle of the holiday rush. The mall was packed. Dulcie had never seen so many people or heard so much noise. She was scared, and she was tired. She held tightly to her favorite stuffed puppy Spot.

Dulcie had Spot since she was 2 years old. Grandma and Grandpa gave it to her for her birthday. She loved the little brown fluffy dog from the moment she saw him. "Doggy Spot!" she exclaimed excitedly as soon as she opened the brightly wrapped package and saw him.

"Spot?" replied Diandra opening her eyes wide in surprise. "That dog doesn't have a Spot on it."

"Spot!" repeated Dulcie stubbornly. Spot it was and Spot it stayed. From that moment on Spot was Dulcie's favorite toy. She slept with him every night, and she took him everywhere with her.

Now,  it was 2 years later, and Spot was still Dulcie's favorite toy. She didn't care that by now his brown color was faded and he was missing one eye. She still took him everywhere and slept with him every night. She wouldn't even let Mommy have him long enough to fix his eye. She barely let Mommy keep him long enough to wash him but when the smell of him became to strong, Mommy insisted on it.

Dulcie felt like she was surrounded by giants. She looked up and found herself  lost in a sea of strangers. She opened her mouth to cry. Just then, Diandra yanked her out of the crowd. "Come on." she said. "You're going to get lost." Diandra picked up Dulcie and took her to their mother who was standing by the mall entrance. Dulcie was so relieved to see her mother that she burst into tears anyway.

"It's alright, baby." Mommy soothed gently as she eased Dulcie out of Diandra's arms and into her own. "We're going home now." She carried Dulcie in one arm and a bunch of packages in the other and headed out of the mall. Diandra followed closely behind with her arms full of packages as well.

At the car, Mommy buckled Dulcie into her car seat. She was so tired from the ordeal of being at the mall that she immediately fell asleep. She awoke as they pulled up in their own driveway and started looking around worriedly. "Spot!" she cried. "Mommy where is Spot?"

"Help her please." Mommy said to Diandra as Mommy herself was busy carrying packages in the house.

Diandra sighed unhappily. She hated that stupid spotless dog and the last thing she wanted to do was help look for it. Nevertheless, she did as she was told and started searching the back seat of the car. The stuffed puppy was nowhere to be found. Next, she searched the trunk. It wasn't there either. She searched around the car in case it fell out when they were unloading but still no stuffed puppy.

She went in the house. Dulcie stood by the door eagerly awaiting the return of her toy. She frowned when she saw Diandra's empty hands. "Where's Spot?" she asked anxiously.

Diandra shrugged. "I couldn't find him anywhere."

A huge tear rolled down Dulcie's face, followed by another and then another until she was full blown crying.  She ran off to find her mother. She continued crying all the way. "Mommy! Mommy!" she cried sadly. "I need Spot."

"Where's Spot?" Mommy asked Diandra.

"Lost." she replied. "I couldn't find him anywhere."

Mommy sighed and nervously put her hand to her cheek. This was not good. This was not good at all. Even when she washed Spot, Dulcie stood by the washing machine and waited for him to come out. She didn't know how they were going to get by with him missing. "We'll go back to the mall and look for him tomorrow."

"Spot! Spot!" exclaimed Dulcie painfully. She wouldn't stop crying so finally Mommy loaded them all back in the car and headed back to the mall. At the mall, they retraced their steps. This time it was even worse. The mall was even more crowded. They were all tired. Mommy and Diandra took turns carrying a crying Dulcie. When they were finished, they were completely wiped out with nothing to show for it. They still hadn't found Spot.

Mommy loaded them all back into the car, and they headed home. Dulcie cried all the way home. It broke Mommy's heart. Even, Diandra actually felt bad for her sister by now.

When they got home, Mommy gave Dulcie a bath. She put on Dulcie's pajamas. She tucked Dulcie into bed with a kiss. All the while Dulcie continued to cry.

Diandra felt even worse. She wanted to do something for her sister. She offered to let Dulcie sleep with any of her stuffed animals, but Dulcie didn't want to. Diandra decided to go outside and look one more time.  She was just about to come in the house when she spied a brown fluffy ear sticking out of the rosebushes next to the front steps.  She went over and looked more closely. Sure, enough it was Spot.  He must have fallen out of one of the packages when they came in the house. Diandra  picked him up, dusted him off, and carried him excitedly into the house. "Dulcie!" she cried rushing into the house.

"Sh!" said Mommy appearing at the top of the steps. "I finally got her to go to sleep." She smiled when she saw that Diandra was carrying Spot. She let Diandra sneak into Dulcie's room and stick Spot in her arms. Dulcie's stirred and opened her eyes for a minute. "Spot." she whispered happily hugging him tightly to her before closing her eyes again. Mommy and Diandra smiled.

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