Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm Gonna Marry Jake Jones

Carlie Bufford had a fancy blue velvet  dress with white satin sleeves. She had inheirted it from her older sister, Calista. Calista had worn it when she was flower girl in a wedding when she was Carlie's age. Now Calista was 11 and Carlie was 5. Carlie loved her blue dress but Mommy would never let her wear it. Carlie was always begging and begging. "Can I wear my pretty blue dress, Mommy?" she asked yet again as she was getting read for a birthday party one day.

"Oh sweetie." Mommy said sadly as she didn't like to have to disappoint her daughter. "That dress is kind of fancy. I don't really think it's appropriate for a birthday party at Build-A-Bear."

"Oh!" pouted Carlie. "I'll never get to wear it!"

"Don't worry squirt." teased  Calista. "Maybe, someday you'll get invited to a wedding."

Carlie glared at her sister, but an idea was planted in her head. She just kept thinking about weddings. A wedding would be a  the perfect place to wear her pretty dress. She couldn't exactly just find somebody to get married and invite her to their wedding though. She would just have to get married herself. It was the only way she was going to get wear her dress.

"I'm getting married." Carlie announced  suddenly at dinner that night.

"Yes.  I'm sure you will some day. "replied Mommy, "and so will Calista."

"Yes," agreed Daddy. "A long time from now."

"No daddy." she replied. "No, I'm going to get married now."

"In the middle of dinner?" asked Daddy.

Calista burst out laughing. Mommy gave her a warning look, and Calista buried her face in her napkin to stop herself but she still  couldn't stop smiling.

"Not right now." admitted Carlie, "but soon." She glared at her sister who was still smiling behind her napkin.

"Why do you need to get married now?" asked Mommy. "You have plenty of years before you need to think about things like that. Why don't you just enjoy being young for now?"

"I don't want to be old." said Carlie frowning. "I just want to get married. I need to get married!"

"You need to get married?" repeated Mommy. She looked very confused and so did Daddy. Calista just thought it was funny. She burst out laughing again.

"Yes. I need to get married so I can wear my blue dress." explained Carlie.

Mommy nodded thoughtfully. "I see." she said as she suddenly understood what this was all about. "So who are you going to marry?"

Carlie shrugged. She hadn't thought about that yet.

"How about Kenny Harris?" suggested Calista with a smile. Kenny was their next door neighbor. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was always teasing Carlie. "I think he has a crush on you."

Carlie turned up her nose in disgust. "I hate him he's mean. I would never marry him."

"Then what about Tad Murphy?" suggested Calista. Mommy gave her a look again. Calista was having entirely too much fun with this.

"Tad Murphy?" said Carlie shaking her head. Tad Murphy was in her class.He was cute. He had light brown hair and green eyes. He was nice too but he was really quiet. He hardly talked to anybody especially not the girls in the class. She didn't think she would marry Tad Murphy. She shook her head.

"I know!" exclaimed Calista. "How about Jake Jones?"

"Jake Jones?" said Carlie, but this time she said it with interest. Jake was also a boy in her glass.  He was cute too. He had red hair and green eyes. He was pretty nice to Carlie too. He was her friend. "Yes." she said. "I"m going to marry Jake Jones."

"Does Jake know your going to marry him?" asked Daddy.

Carlie wasn't worried about that now that she had decided. "I'll tell him." she said confidently. She couldn't wait for school the next day so she could tell Jake that she planned to marry him. She just knew he would be pleased that she had chosen him.

The next afternoon after school, Calista smiled when she saw her little sister get off the bus. "So how did it go?' she asked gleefully as Carlie and Mommy stepped into the house.

Carlie smiled happily. "It went good." she said. "I asked Jake if he wanted to marry me and he said okay because I have a Wii."

"Ah yes, a Wii. What every man looks for in a wife." teased Calista. Carlie ignored her. She was so happy she was going to get to wear her blue dress. She couldn't wait to marry Jake.

"How are the wedding plans coming?" asked Calista  the next day after school. Carlie gave her a look of disgust. "I'm not going to marry Jake Jones anymore." she said. "I hate Jake Jones. He is not my friend anymore. He only wants to hang around with Misty Gordon now. She is getting a Wii U.  I'm gonna marry Tad  Murphy instead. He already has a  Wii U."

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