Sunday, November 3, 2013

Busby Takes a Bath

Chelsea Emerson loved cats. She loved them more than anything. She was always begging her Mom and Dad for a cat of her own. "One day." they would promise, but Chelsea didn't think that one day would ever come. She was wrong.

They were out one day for a mysterious drive. It was mysterious only to Chelsea. Mom and Dad knew exactly where they were going but they wouldn't tell Chelsea. Finally after about an hour of driving, they pulled up in front of the animal shelter, Chelsea's mouth flew open and her eyes opened wide. "Is today the day?" she asked excitedly.

"Today is the day." replied Mommy smiling brightly at her eager daughter.

Chelsea hurried out of the car and practically ran into the building. Mommy and Daddy could barely keep up. When they all got in the building and were taken to the area where the cats were, there were cats and kittens of every size, shape and color. Chelsea was completely overwhelmed. She walked up and down the rows of cages and couldn't decide which cat to pick. Finally after she had walked back and forth several times, she heard a particularly sad mewing sound as she passed one of the cages. Chelsea went right up to the cage where the sound was coming from. Inside were 4 little gray kittens.  One of them came up to the front of the cage and mewed softly. "It's okay little, kitty." Chelsea assured the kitten. The little kitten licked Chelsea's finger. Chelsea couldn't help smiling. "This is the one!" she said happily pointing to the little kitten that had licked her finger. "This is the kitten for me."

"Are you sure?" asked Mommy and Daddy. Chelsea nodded. Mommy and Daddy filled out the necessary paperwork. In the car on the way home, Chelsea sat with  the little kitten in its carrier on her lap. The kitten was a little bit frightened. He had never been in a carrier or ridden in a car before.  He mewed scaredly.   "Don't worry little kitten. " Chelsea assured him. "I am going to take you home with me, I'm going to take care of you, and I'm going to call you, Busby." she said as she reached into the carrier and petted him.

When they got home and went in the house, Chelsea took Busby to her room and let him out of the box. He started running around the room as fast as his little legs could carry him. He was so excited to be out of a cage and out of a box and free. Chelsea sat on her floor and watched her little kitten run in excited circles around her. Finally after a few minutes of running around, Busby was completely tired out. He climbed up in Chelsea's lap and went to sleep. From that moment on, Busby was Chelsea's baby, and he was totally devoted to her.

Every day, Busby followed Chelsea around. Every night, he slept in her bed. Whenever, she went away to school or anywhere else, Busby rubbed up against her legs and meowed and purred excitedly as soon as she got back. Even if Chelsea was home, and Busby just couldn't  see her, he would cry so sadly until he saw her face again.

One evening Chelsea was getting ready for her bath. Busby was sleeping on her bed. Chelsea took her towel and her pajamas and went into the bathroom quietly so as not to disturb him. As soon as she left, Busby was startled by a noise and woke up. He looked around for Chelsea and when he didn't see her he started to cry. He wandered around looking for her. When he found the door to the bathroom slightly opened, he pushed his way in. He still didn't see Chelsea, so he started mewing sadly again. Chelsea's heart broke for her poor little kitten. "I'm right here, sweetie." she said poking her head out from behind the flowered curtain. Busby was so excited to see her. He hurried over to the tub. By then, Chelsea had disappeared back behind the curtain again where Busby couldn't see her. He started crying again. "I'm right here." repeated Chelsea but this time she didn't poke her head out. Busby hurried to the sound of her voice. He came right to the edge of the tub and then climbed up and peeked behind the curtain. When he saw Chelsea, he got so excited, he leaned over and fell right into the tub next to her. Chelsea laughed. "Do you need a bath too, Busby?" she asked. Busby, however didn't think it was so funny. In fact, he was horrified to suddenly find himself submerged in the water. He didn't like water. He didn't like it at all. He quickly scrambled out of the tub and shook himself off. He still loved Chelsea as much as ever, and he still liked to follow her around, but from then on he never got that close to the bathtub again.

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