Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunny and the Slippers

Savannah Gilroy awoke to the sound of her mother calling her to breakfast. Her new puppy Sunny lay curled up by her side. Savannah smiled and stretched and got out of bed. She put on her favorite yellow robe and looked around for her matching yellow fluffy slippers. She finally found them next to her closet door all chewed up. "Sunny!" she said but she said it with a smile.

Savannah  went downstairs in her bare feet.  Sunny padded after her. "Mommy!"said Savannah. "Sunny chewed up my slippers." Savannah wasn't angry though. She kind of thought it was cute and adorable.

Mommy wasn't really angry either. "We'll get you a new pair." she said matter-of-factly.

The next day, Mommy and Savannah went shopping. They got Savannah a new pair of slippers. They were yellow too with a big purple flower on them. Savannah put them under her bed.

The next morning when Savannah awoke and got ready to go downstairs, her slippers weren't under her bed anymore. They were in the middle of the room. They were all chewed up and the flowers were ripped right off. This time, she did not think it was so cute. "Sunny!" she said disappointedly. Sunny licked her hand. Savannah frowned.

Mommy did not think it was so cute this time either. "We'll get you another pair of slippers." she promised Savannah, but she frowned at Sunny. Sunny licked Mommy's hand. Mommy frowned even more.

Savannah got a new pair of slippers. These were pink with little pink bows across the front. She put them in her closet, but when she woke up in the morning, somehow they were chewed up too. This was getting to be too much. "Sunny!" she said angrily. Sunny got frightened and hid under the bed. Savannah felt guilty and took her out from under the bed, but Savannah was still mad. "You're a bad dog." she told Sunny, but she did not say it loudly.

Mommy was mad too. She looked sternly at Sunny and shook her finger. "Bad dog, Sunny, bad dog." she said. "We'll get you another pair of slippers." she said to Savannah.

Savannah got a pair of rainbow stripped slippers. Then, a pair with little flowers all over them. That was followed by a fuffy purple pair and then a pair that was shaped like big white  bunnies. Sunny chewed through each and every one.

Savannah didn't know what to do anymore. Neither did Mommy. She was tired of buying Savannah slippers, but she kept doing it anyway.

Mommy and Savannah went shopping once again for slippers. This time Savannah had trouble finding a pair she liked. They went to just about every store in the mall. "How about these?" suggested Mommy  finally to a plain gray pair in Sears.

Savannah wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Those are ugly!"" she said. "They are so plain."

Mommy sighed. She was tired of shopping for slippers. She was tired of shopping for them that day and tired of shopping for them in general. "Savannah." she said sternly."Let's just get these slippers and go home please. Enough already."

Now, it was Savannah's turn to sigh. She knew just by the tone of her mother's voice that she was getting the slippers, and there was no use arguing. It probably didn't matter anyway. She wouldn't have them that long. Sunny was only going to chew them up.

However, the next morning, when Savannah woke up, the ugly slippers were fine. They were right where she left them and hadn't even been chewed up a bit. She figured maybe Sunny hadn't been feeling well or she was tired or had an off night. The next night Sunny didn't chew up the slippers. She didn't the night after that or the night after that either.

"You see that Mommy." said Savannah. "I told you those slippers are ugly. Even the dog thinks those slippers are ugly. Can I get rid of them, please?"

Mommy shook her head. "Of course, not." replied Mommy. "We spent money on those. Besides, we finally found a pair of slippers that we can keep away from that dog."

Savannah sighed disappointedly. "Why did I have to get a dog that has good taste in clothes!" she groaned.

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