Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paige Absolutely Hates Peas

Paige Wheatley hated peas. She hated them with a passion. Whenever her mother served them, she would push them around on her plate and never eat them.

"No dessert, if you don't eat your peas." her mother told her.

Paige scooped up her peas on her spoon. She put the spoon to her mouth. But no! She couldn't do it. She quickly dropped the spoon back to the plate.

"Paige!" exclaimed her mother as some of the peas trickled on to the floor. She stooped down to pick them up and throw them in the garbage. She glared at Paige. Paige knew better than that.

Janie page's older sister snickered. "Peas are delicious." she declared as she shoveled a spoonful into her mouth.

"But they're green!" said Paige disgustedly.

"So is honeydew, and you like that." pointed out Janie.

Paige starred at the plate of peas for minute. They were green and looked bumpy and there were so many of them. They did not look sweet at all. She looked back at her sister and shook her head. Janie had to be lying. These things could not possibly be sweet.

"They're small." she said finally.

"So are you." pointed out  Janie.

Paige glared at her sister.

"Alright that's enough. " said Daddy. "Finish your dinner. Mom made a delicious chocolate cake for dessert."

 Chocolate cake! Paige's mouthwatered just thinking about it. Chocolate cake  was her absolute favorite. She stared back down at her peas. Those evil peas were all that was standing between  her and sweet delicious chocolate cake.

"Remember," said Mommy as if she were reading Paige's mind. "No cake if you don't eat your peas."

Paige glared at the peas. 'What evil, evil little vegetables!' she thought. She closed her eyes tightly hoping the peas would just go away. Unfortunately, when she opened them again, those peas were still there sitting on her plate as if they were staring at her. She sighed.

By now, Mommy and Daddy and Janie were finished eating;. They cleared the dishes and waited impatiently for Paige to finish too.

Paige looked up at Mommy and Daddy and especially Janie's unhappy face. Then, she looked down at the plate of peas again. She just couldn't do it. She just couldn't.

After a while, Janie asked "Are we going to sit here all night?"

"Paige?" asked Daddy. "Are you going to eat those peas?" Paige was silent. Daddy took her silence as a no. "Let's have dessert." Daddy said to Mom.

Paige smiled happily. She had won! She faced those evils peas and beat them.

Mommy got plates and forks. Daddy cut slices of cake. One. Two. Three. Three slices of cake. One for Mommy, one for Daddy and one for Janie. None for Paige. Paige groaned in disappointment.

"Delicious!" sighed Janie happily biting into a chocolately slice of cake. She smiled at Paige. Paige glared back.

"You have noone to blame but yourself for not having any cake." said Mommy as she and Daddy also bit into their slices of cake.

They finished and quickly. Janie cleared the dishes. Daddy rinsed them. Mommy put them in the dishwasher. The only thing left on the table was Paige's plate of peas.

"This is your last chance." said Mommy as Daddy and Janie exited the kitchen. "Are you going to eat your peas or not?"

Paige unhappily looked at her plate of peas. Then, she looked back up at her mother. "Can I still have cake?"

"Yes." replied her mother, "but this is your last chance. We can't sit in this kitchen all night. I have things to do and so do you."

Paige sighed. She slowly very slowly put some peas on her spoon. She slowly very slowly put the spoon in her mouth. She slowly very slowly took a teeny tiny bite of peas. It was so tiny that she barely tasted a thing. She took a slightly bigger bite. Wait! Could it be? She took an even bigger bite. Yes! It could. The peas were sweet. They were tasty. In fact, they were really good. Paige smiled happily and gobbled down the rest of the peas.

When she finished, Mommy cleared her plate and sliced her a piece of cake. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" said Mommy.

Paige shook her head no.

"Peas are not so bad after all, are they?" said Mommy.

Paige shook her head no again. "Can we have them again tomorrow?!" she asked eagerly.

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