Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bethany and the Big Girl Bed

Bethany Price was 3 years old, and she was getting too big for her crib. Mommy and Daddy surprised her with a big bed. "Bethany," they said to her cheerfully. "This is your new bed."

Bethany looked at the new bed. It had flowered sheets and a big purple blanket. Bethany loved flowers and she loved purple, but she didn't love the big girl bed. She stared at it angrily for a few minutes wondering what had happened to her old bed. Then, she looked back at her Mommy and Daddy and shook her head. "No." she said "NOT MY BED!" She looked all over for her crib but Daddy had  already taken it down. She pointed to the space where the crib belonged and started to cry.

"Don't you like your new bed?" asked Mommy.

Bethany didn't answer. She pointed to the big bed and said "Not my bed!" and continued to cry.

"You are big girl now, Bethany, and you are so lucky." said Daddy.

"Yes." agreed Mommy. "You are lucky to have such a nice new big girl bed to sleep in".

Bethany shook her head no and pointed to the new bed. "NOT MY BED!" she repeated.She began crying again. She cried and carried on so much that finally Daddy had to put the crib back together.

Bethany instantly relaxed once the crib was assembled again in her room. "My bed." she said happily pointing to it.  She even went over and hugged it.

For  a week, Mommy and Daddy tried to transition her to the new bed. The put her to bed at night in the big girl bed. After Mommy and Daddy left, Bethany would get the step stool from the bathroom, Every morning, when Mommy and Daddy woke up, she would be back in the crib.

Finally,  Daddy brought Bethany home a new Dora doll. Dora was Bethany's favorite show.

"Dora!" exclaimed Bethany excitedly grabbing for the doll.

"Dora wants to sleep with you." said Daddy.

"Would you like to sleep with Dora?" asked Mommy.

Bethany's head bobbed up and down happily. "I sleep with Dora." she said.

"Dora is a big girl. " explained Daddy.

"So if you want to sleep with Dora you have to sleep in a big girl bed." added Mommy.

Bethany nodded. She hugged the Dora doll to her. That night for the first time, she went right to bed in her new bed without a fuss.

The next morning, when Mommy and Daddy woke up, Bethany was still in the bed, but Dora was in the crib. Mommy and Daddy were surprised. "Why is Dora in the crib?" they asked.

"Dora's a baby. Bethany's a big girl." replied Bethany proudly.

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