Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yara's Yellow Dress

When Yara Detweiler turned 4 years old, her grandmother gave her a bright yellow dress for her birthday. Yellow was Yara's favorite color. Her dress was as bright as the sun. Yara thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. "Oh thank you!, Grandma!" she gushed excitedly.

"Your very welcome, my dear." replied Grandma as Yara hugged her.

"Gee could that thing be any brighter?" asked Yara's older sister, Udela. Udela was 9. She thought it was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. She couldn't understand why anyone would ever want to wear bright yellow anyway.

Their mother gave Udela a warning look. "It's Yara's birthday." Mother reminded her. Udela instantly shutup although she still thought the dress was ugly.

Yara, however, loved her new dress. She could hardly sleep that night because she couldn't wait to wake up the next day and wear her new dress.  She was so excited that she woke up in the night and put on her new dress and went back to sleep in it.

The next morning, Mommy smiled at Yara. "My you look beautiful in your new dress." she said. Yara beamed back at her. She spun around in her pretty dress.

Udela rolled her eyes. She just hoped they weren't going anywhere today. She wanted to get through the day without any of her friends seeing them.

Yara slept in her dress again. The next day, she wanted to wear it again. "Please, mommy." she begged. "It doesn't have any dirt on it." she insisted twirling around in it in front of her mother and showing her.

"But you've been wearing it for two days." replied Mommy with concern.

"That's disgusting!" piped in Udela. Mommy gave her a look, and she instantly shut up.

Yara kept begging and pleading to wear the dress. She made puppy dog eyes at Mommy and sad puffy lips. "Please, please, please!" she said.

Finally, Mom agreed on two conditions. "You have to let me wash it first, and no more sleeping in it." she insisted.

Yara readily agreed. She stayed in her pajamas all morning until her dress was ready to put on.

Every day after that all Yara wanted to wear was her beautiful yellow dress. She wouldn't wear anything else. She only took it off to take a bath, to go to sleep, or to let Mommy wash it.

Udela was horrified. "How could you let her wear that ugly thing all the time?" she complained. "Everybody has seen her in it."

"People are a lot smarter than you give them credit for." replied Mommy. "I'm sure they know that what your sister chooses to wear has nothing to do with you."

"But they'll think we are so poor that we can hardly afford to buy any clothes." replied Udela.

"I doubt that."

"But I hate that stupid dress, and I am tired of seeing Yara in it." screamed Udela.

Mommy smiled and nodded. "That's really what is bothering you, isn't it?" she said. "You don't like the dress."

"I'm just so sick of it." Udela admitted quietly. She didn't bother adding that she never really liked it all that much to begin with.

"Don't worry." Mommy assured her. "I'm sure it's just a phase. She'll grow out of it."

Days, weeks, and even a couple of months went by. Yara didn't grow out of her yellow dress phase. She still loved it. She still wanted to wear it every day. Udela still hated it but she kept her mouth shut. Even Mommy was beginning to wonder if Yara would ever get tired of it and wear something else.

Finally one day, Grandma took Yara  shopping. "We are going to get you a brand new dress." she told Yara. Yara didn't really want a new dress. Grandma kept showing her things to try on, and she kept shaking her head no. After a while, even Grandma was getting discouraged.

Then, just as they were about to leave the store, something caught Yara's eye. It was a bright orange dress with yellow flowers. Yara ran over to it. "I want this one, Grandma!" she said excitedly. They found it in Yara's size and went in the dressing room to try it on. It fit perfectly!

"You look beautiful!" gushed Grandma.

"Thank you, Grandma." replied Yara happily spinning around in the dress.

Yara didn't even want to take it off. At the register, Grandma asked them to cut the tag off so she could pay for it.

At home. Yara excitedly showed off her new dress. Mommy thought it was beautiful. Udela thought it was even uglier than the other one, but she was so happy to see Yara in different dress that she didn't say anything.

The next morning Yara came down to breakfast in her new dress again. Udela still didn't like it but she figured it was still brand-new she could get through another day of it. The day after that when Yara came down to breakfast, she was wearing the new dress yet again. Udela put her head in her hands and sighed. "Here we go again." she  thought unhappily.

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