Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Stays Silent

One morning Summer Bartholomew woke up. It was a bright and sunny morning. She stretched and smiled and got out of bed, but she didn't say anything. She got dressed in a pair of yellow shorts and a pink top and went downstairs, but she still didn't say anything.

"Good morning, Summer." her Mother greeted her cheerfully. "We're having pancakes for breakfast." She smiled warmly at Summer.

Pancakes was Summer's favorite breakfast. She didn't say anything though. She just smiled back at her mother but she did not reply.

Her mother looked at her normally chatty daughter with surprise. "What's the matter?" she asked. "Cat got your tongue?"

Summer continued smiling and shook her head.

Her mother shrugged and continued making breakfast. Summer remained silent. In fact, she did not say a word throughout the entire meal. When she finished eating, she quietly helped her mother clean up and then slipped out of the kitchen.

All day Summer played quietly or watched TV or read her book. All day she did not make a peep. Not at lunch. Not a dinner. Not at all. Her mother was worried. At dinner time, she asked "Are you okay, Summer?" Summer nodded. ""Are you sure you're feeling okay?" her mother asked again. Summer nodded again. Her mother didn't believe it. "Does your throat hurt?" she asked. Summer shook her head no. "Do you have larangytis?" asked her mother. Again Summer shook her head no.

Summer's mother still didn't believe she was really okay. She felt Summer's head with the back of her hand. It felt cool. She kissed Summer's head. It still felt cool. "Maybe, I should take your temperature just to be sure. " she said. Summer shook her head no.

"You would tell me if you really weren't feeling well, right?" asked Mother finally. Summer nodded. Her mother kissed her. Summer went upstairs. She silently got in her  blue striped pajama, and brushed her teeth with her Princess toothbrush and got ready for bed.

When her mother came to tuck her in for bed, she smiled and reached up and hugged her mother tightly. "Goodnight, Mommy." she said. "I love you."

"I love you too." replied her mother. She was relieved and happy to hear Summer's voice again. "What a pretty voice you have Summer," she said, "and I am so glad to hear it."

Her mother kissed her and tucked her in. Just before, her mother  left the room she turned back  to Summer and asked "Why didn't you talk at all today, Summer?"

Summer shrugged. "I just didn't have anything to say." she said.

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