Saturday, August 10, 2013

So Many Dogs

Veronica Yeager was so excited because her very best friend from school, Georgia Rice was coming over for the very first time. "Come on in." she called excitedly as Georgia's car pulled up in front of her  house and Georgia stepped out of the car.

As she climbed up the wooden porch steps, Georgia spied a fluffy white face staring at her from under the steps. "How cute!" she gushed.

"Oh that's my dog, Dixie." explained Veronica.

A little while later, the girls were in the living room watching Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel. They both agreed that it was their favorite show. They heard the sound of  a dog barking. Georgia was about to ask if that was Dixie when she heard Veronica's older brother call out to the dog "Shut up! Dumbo!"

Veronica shook her head. "My brother is so mean." she said.

'Oh thought,' Georgia. 'They must have two dogs Dixie and Dumbo.'

When they went upstairs to play in Veronica's room, Georgia saw a black tail stick out from under Veronica's Mom and Dad's bed. Veronica's Mom was lying on her bed flipping through the lastest issue of People. "Hello." she said to Veronica. "Have you met our little Poochie?" she asked noticing that Georgia was staring under the bed.

Georgia shook her head no. The dog stayed under the bed, and Georgia followed Veronica to her room. 'Three dogs?' she thought. 'Dixie, Dumbo, and Poochie.' she counted. 'That is kind of a lot.'

The two girls played some more. Before long it started to get late. It was almost dinner time. The girls were so excited that Georgia was going to be staying for dinner. "I hope you like spaghetti." Veronica's mom said to Georgia cheerfully. Georgia nodded her head. It was actually one of her favorites.

Just then they heard the sound of car pulling up in the driveway. "Daddy!" exclaimed  Veronica excitedly.

They heard the sound of  the car door opening followed by the sound of a dog barking again. "Hi Doodle." Veronica's father called out to the dog as he stepped out of the car and into the house.

Georgia shook her head and counted  -one, two, three, four - Dixie, Dumbo, Poochie, Doodle. Four dogs that was an awful lot especially to some one like her who didn't have any pets. She wondered if there were anymore.

Veronica was surprised by the strange look on her friend's face. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"It's just that I have never known anybody with so many dogs. How many do you have altogether?"

Veronica seemed even more surprised by Georgia's question. "We only have one dog." she said.

Georgia smiled. "Very funny." she said. "How many do you really have?"

"We have one." repeated Veronica.

"Oh come on. " said Georgia. "I count at least four."


"Yes. Dixie, Dumbo, Poochie, and Doodle."

"Oh." replied Veronica. She couldn't help smiling at her friend's confusion. "We have one dog. Her name is Dixie Doodle. I call her Dixie. My Dad calls her Doodle. My Mom calls her Poochie. My brother calls her Dumbo."

"Oh." replied Georgia. Now, she felt like the Dumbo. She looked at Veronica. Veronica looked back at her. Then, they both burst our laughing.

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