Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not Nora

Nora Nelson was good at getting out of doing anything. She never want to be bothered with anything. Whenever, there was something to be done, Nora did not want to be the one to do it.

When her mother asked "Who wants to help me fold  the laundry?"

Nora said. "Not me." and she ran upstairs and started playing with her toys.

Her sister, Casey ended up helping Mom, and she was not happy about it. It was not that she minded helping her mom. However, just because she was older, she did not think she should have to do the helping all the time. Folding laundry wasn't any less boring to Casey than it was to Nora.

When their father said, "Can somebody help me empty this dishwasher? " He looked right at Nora.

Nora quickly looked away. "Not me." she said as she hurriedly scrambled out of the room.She did not look back for a minute.

This time her brother, Andrew ended up doing the helping. He was tired of Nora always getting out of doing things too.

Casey and Andrew constantly complained to Mom and Dad about how unfair it was. "She may be the youngest, but she's not a baby." Casey pointed out as Andrew nodded in agreement.

Mom just smiled. She was sure things would work out. She and Daddy had a plan.

That afternoon, Mom asked "Who wants to go run errands with me?"

Nora was reading a book. "Not I." she said quickly. She buried herself in her book. She did not look up once.

Casey did not want to go either. Neither did Andrew. Mommy looked at all of them and frowned. "Why don't you all go?" she suggested.

"Okay, I'll go." said Casey although she did not seem happy about it.

"I will too." said Andrew. He did not seem any happier than Casey.

The  three of them headed out the door to run the errands. An hour later, they came back. They were all laughing. Casey and Andrew were licking lollipops. Casey's was grape and Andrew's was cherry. They looked delicious. Besides, grape and cherry were Nora's two favorite flavors.

"Where did you get the lollipops?" asked Nora jealously.

"A lady at the bank gave them to us." replied Casey.

"Is there one for me?" asked Nora hopefully.

Casey and Andrew shook their heads no.

"Why not?" pouted Nora sticking out her lower lip and lowering her eyes sadly.

"You weren't there." pointed out Andrew. "She gave them to us because we were there."

The next day, Daddy needed to pull out the weeds in the yard. When he asked for help, Nora hid out in the bathroom. "Not me." she called out from behind the closed door pretending she was busy in there. It was too hot anyway. She did not even want to go outside.

Casey and Andrew ended up having to help instead. They didn't seem happy about it at first either. However, when they turned on the garden hose to wash off, Andrew suddenly turned the hose on Casey. She got soaked. She grabbed the hose and turned it back on him. Before long, they were having a full out water fight.

Nora jealously watched from the window. Casey and Andrew were smiling and laughing and looked like they were having a ton of fun. Nora wanted to have fun too.

Mommy came over and saw Nora staring out the window. "What's the matter?" she asked when she saw Nora's sad face.

"Oh mommy." said Nora throwing herself into Mommy's arms. "I want to have fun too. I want to have fun like Casey and Andrew." she cried .

"Casey and Andrew worked hard." replied Mommy. "When you work hard you get rewarded." she added. "Maybe, it's a lollipop or maybe it's a water fight or maybe it is just the satisfaction of doing a good job. Do you think that you can work hard, Nora?" she asked.

Nora bobbed her head up and down. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I can." she insisted.

The next day when Mommy was straighening out the living room, Nora volunteered to help.  She found 75 cents under the couch cushions. "Look what I found, Mommy!" she shouted excitedly holding up her coins.

"You see that Nora." said Mommy. "Sometimes, when we work hard we literally get rewarded."

"It makes me feel good inside to help you too," admitted Nora, "because your my mommy and I love you."

"And that is a reward that comes from the inside. " replied Mommy, "and that is even better because that is a reward that cannot be used up or lost or taken away."

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