Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maggie in the Middle

 Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Maggie in the Middle

Maggie was a 7 year old girl. She had an 11 year old sister named Maryn, and a 1 year old sister named Aubry. Maggie never got the attention. She was so jealous. It was always Aubry or Maryn that got the attention. Aubry was cute, adorable and little and funny. Maryn was older and got to do cool things.

Even on Maggie's birthday she didn't get the attention. It was still Aubry and Maryn that got the attention every single year. She was so jealous and upset. “I hate Maryn and Aubry!” she screamed.

“You don't hate them.” Mommy said.

Aubry started to cry.

“Maggie!” Mommy screamed. “You made Aubry cry.”

“I don't care.” Maggie screamed back. “I hate her!”

“Go to your room, Maggie.” said Daddy.

“But, daddy!” whined Maggie.

“Room now!” he repeated.

Maggie groaned and went to her room. When she got to her room, she heard Daddy call out “And, no playing with your toys! Sit and think about what you did wrong.”

“I hate you!” she screamed.

Aubry continued to cry.

One day later, it was Aubry's 2nd birthday. Aubry ran into her parents room and said “It's my birthday. I 2!” Then, she ran into her sister's room jumping up and down. “It's my birthday! I 2.” She
was so excited that she knocked down some of Maryn's make-up.

Maryn sat up in bed. “Happy Birthday!” she said.

Aubry ran into Maggie's room and said “It's my birthday! I 2.” She accidentally knocked down Maggie's pile of blocks. “Oopsy!” she said.

“Aw! I worked hard on that!” cried Maggie.

Then, Mommy and Daddy and Maryn walked in. “We'll help you fix it .” they said. Even Aubry helped. They were actually paying attention to her even on Aubry's birthday. She knew they must really love her, and she never got jealous again.

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