Saturday, July 20, 2013

Harriet Hits the Hay


Harriet Almahny was a 6 year old girl. She lived with her Mommy, her Daddy, her brother Jim, her sister Cadence and her Gran. Harriet hated to sleep. She dreaded 8:00 p.m. Every night she would slowly drag her feet, pout, beg, cry, and whine but she had to go to sleep anyway.

It was a warm slightly cloudy evening, Jim was getting ready to leave for a sleepover. "Bye, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Burt's mom is taking me home. See you mom, dad, Gran, Cadey, and Harriet."

Harriet rushed up and squeezed her big brother. "Bye Jimmy, I'll miss you.," she said as she looked up at him with her big blue eyes. 

Jim didn't let anyone else call him Jimmy, but he didn't mind with her. Honk! Honk! As Jim left Harriet glanced at the clock, 7:58, two minutes to bedtime. "Uhhhhhhhh, Mommy, I'm going to play dollhouse." she nervously exclaimed.

"Park it, bedtime." Mommy said.

Harriet sighed. "Mommy can't I stay up late tonight? I really wanted to play dollhouse, I just set it up. Pleeease? I'll go right to bed, I promise!" Harriet pleaded.

And then she used her secret weapon. The legendary puppy dog face. "Harriet, that doesn't work on me. Go. Daddy and I have to go to a meeting now. Gran will be right there to tuck you in. Bye. Love you." Mommy sharply replied as she kissed everyone good-bye.

Harriet trudged up the stairs. She really didn't want to go to sleep. "Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" Harriet shouted.

Gran stepped into the pink flowered room and sat on the edge of Harriet's bed. What is it darling?" Gran asked wearily.

"Gran will you sit with me until I fall asleep." Harriet asked.

She knew that Gran would fall asleep soon which would make it easier for her to sneak out. A half hour later Gran was fast asleep. Harriet quietly slipped out. She snuck into Cadence's room. Cadence was awake on her laptop. "Cadey, can I play with you?" asked Harriet sweetly.

"I'm not on my laptop." Cadence exclaimed as she closed it and hid it under her blanket.

"Please Cadey. I won't tell Mommy." she slipped her hand into her big sister's.

"Fine, let's go to the playroom." she answered.

Harriet smiled and clapped her hands.

"First I have to go to the bathroom." Cadence said.

Harriet climbed into her sister's bed to wait in. It was so comfy and cozy. Harriet's eyes fluttered, then slowly closed. Then her head hit the pillow and she fell asleep. Cadence came back to find her bed taken. She found Gran in Harriet's bed so she went to sleep in Gran's room. When Mommy and Daddy got home, Daddy decided to check on everyone so he went to Cadence's room and found Harriet, then he went to Harriet's room and found Gran, finally he went to Gran's room and found Cadence. He shook his head and went to sleep. In the morning everyone woke up to find themselves in each others beds. "Well at least we found a way to get Harriet to go to sleep."

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