Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Kitty and Bad Kitty

Once there was a Good Kitty and Bad Kitty owned by a little girl named Phoebe Bryant. Good Kitty was sweet and lovable. She was friendly and loved to be held. She would sit on Phoebe's lap for hours. She never tried to get out of the house. She never got into any trouble.

Bad Kitty was  always getting into trouble. She never wanted to cuddle up. She always wanted to wander around. She was always trying to wander out the door. She was always getting into things.

"Phoebe!" Mommy called. "Come get Kitty!" Phoebe would run into Mommy's room and find Kitty all balled up in Mommy's knitting yarn. She would laugh and untangle her silly kitty.

"Phoebe!" her older sister Phyllida yelled. "Would you get your stupid cat!" Phoebe would find Bad Kitty up on Phyllida's dresser knocking over all of Phyllida's makeup. Phoebe would smile to herself and scoop up Bad Kitty and take her away. She didn't know why Phyllida needed so much make-up anyway.

When Daddy called from the garage, Phoebe had to go and coax Bad Kitty out from under the outside toy bin so Daddy could open the garage door. By then, it wasn't so fun anymore chasing Bad Kitty around and Phoebe didn't smiled or laugh. She just shook her finger at her little kitty and said "Bad Kitty!"

Good Kitty was just the opposite. She would chase away all the little annoying bugs that scared Mommy. "What a good Kitty." Mommy would say patting Good Kitty on the head just as Phoebe gathered her cat up in her arms and took her away.

"You can leave her here for a little while, you know." Phyllida said as Phoebe took her soft warm precious ball of  fur and slid her off Phyllida's lap where she had been cuddling. "She's mine." Phoebe reminded her sister jealously scooping her sweet baby kitty out  of her sister's lap.

Good Kitty went and chased the ball when Daddy threw it. She didn't chase socks or  go after people's legs and various body parts when they moved them under the blanket.

When Phoebe woke up in the morning or came home from school or got ready for bed or whenever she saw a little white cat, she said "Which Kitty are you Good Kitty or Bad Kitty?." There weren't really two Kitties at all. There was one kitty who could be bad or good, friendly or not friendly, sweet or not so sweet depending on the day and time and the situation and a million other factors. She was a cat with a mind of her own. Just like Phoebe was a girl with a mind of her own. However, whether it was a Good Kitty day or a Bad Kitty day or a Good Kitty or Bad Kitty minute, or Good Kitty or Bad Kitty hour. Phoebe loved her Kitty and Kitty loved her right back.

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