Friday, June 28, 2013

Quella Runs Quick

Quella Featherstone was a very quick runner. She was faster than all of the girls in her class. She was faster than all of the girls her age in her town. In fact, she was faster than most of the boys her age in her town.  Quella took great pride in her speed, and she was happy to challenge any new kids to a race because she was so confident she could beat them.

One day a new girl moved to town. She was in Quella's class. Her name was Penny Todd. Quella secretly laughed to herself when she saw Penny. Penny was really short and she had short legs. She wouldn't even be a challenge for Quella to race. Still, Quella had a reputation to keep up so she challenged Penny to a race.

Penny accepted happily. "Sure, I'd like to race you." she agreed. She did not seem worried at all.

The other kids tried to warn her not to race Quella. They told her that Quella was really fast. They told her that Quella could beat all of the other girls in class. They told her that Quella could beat all the other girls in town their age. They told her that Quella could beat most of the boys.

"I am fast." bragged Quella. She didn't see it as bragging though. She thought of it as just confirming what the other kids had already said.

Quella looked Penny over and chuckled to herself. There was no way that little thing could beat her when so many others had failed before. For once in her life, she decided to be kind and thoughtful and not crush another unsuspecting opponent. "That's okay." she said to Penny. "You don't have to race me."

"Nonsense." exclaimed Penny rolling her eyes at Quella. "Of course, I am going to race you, and I am going to win." she added confidentally.

All Quella's kind and thoughtful feelings instantly went out of her head. Her eyes blazed and her ears burned. All she could think about was outrunning Penny and making her eat her words. "Oh, it's on then." she replied hotly.

"It's on alright." agreed Penny just as hotly. If looks could kill they both would have been dead on the floor.

They choose a time and place for the race, the next day at the park. The next day when they each arrived at the park separately, word of the race had spread all over town. The park was full. Nobody wanted to miss it. They all wanted to see if anybody could possibly beat Quella the quick.

Quella and Penny took their places at the agreed upon starting line. Somebody called "One, two, three, go!" and they were off. The other kids cheered wildly. Some of them cheered for Quella. Some of them cheered for Penny. Some just cheered in general.

Then, something unusual happened. Quella and Penny reached the finish line at exactly the same time. Quella looked at Penny. Penny looked at Quella. "That never happened before." said Quella with surprise. "I am always the fastest. I have never met anybody as fast as me."

"That never happened to me before either." replied Penny. "At my old school I was always the fastest."

"Well this changes everything." said Quella.

"It does?" asked Penny.

"Yes, now we are the two fastest girls in town" explained Quella. "So, of course, we are going to be friends." she smiled  at Penny.

"We are?" asked Penny but she smiled back.

"Yes," replied Quella. "because we fast girls need to stick together."

"Okay." agreed Penny.

After all, they both agreed it was better to share the top then to be even one step closer to the bottom.

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