Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Bonnie Says No

Shanna  Meehan was 6. Her baby sister Bonnie was 2. Bonnie was  very much in her terrible twos. She liked to say no. She liked to say no to everything.  You didn't even have to ask her a question for her to say no.

"Good morning!" said Mommy cheerfully to Shanna and Bonnie as she opened the curtains and let the sunlight stream through the window in the morning.

Bonnie stood up in her crib. "No!" she replied but she said it cheerfully.

"Shanna get dressed." said Mommy. Shanna nodded her head and quickly started putting on her pink and blue sundress that was set out on her chair.

"Come let's get you dressed too." Mommy said to Bonnie.

Bonnie said. "No!"

Mommy got her dressed anyway in her smiley face shirt and yellow shorts. When Shanna and Bonnie were both dressed and Shanna's bed was made, Mommy said. "Time for breakfast."

Shanna nodded. "Can we have cheesy scrambled eggs?" she asked as they went down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Bonnie shook her head as Mommy put her into her highchair. "No!" she said. "No! No! No!"

"Mommy!" whined Shanna. "She's not in charge."

"Don't worry." Mommy assured her. "Bonnie likes cheesy eggs."

"No. No. No." repeated Bonnie calmly. She didn't really seem upset.

Mommy made eggs anyway.  When she put Bonnie's plate in front of her, Bonnie said ."No."

"Why don't you eat your eggs?" asked Shanna with a mouthful of eggs herself. "They're delicious!"  She swallowed and took another mouthful.

Bonnie said. "NO!" she pushed the plate of eggs away and turned her head.

Shanna couldn't help laughing. "Bonnie," she said to her little sister. "Don't you like anything?"

"No." said Bonnie.

Shanna finished eating. She put her dirty dish in the sink to be washed. Then, she came and stood by her little sister's chair. "Do you want anything?" she asked Bonnie.

Bonnie said "No!"

"Are you sure you don't want anything?" Shanna asked again.

"No!" said Bonnie again.

"How about a kiss from big sister?" suggested Shanna.

"Yes!" said Bonnie.  Shanna kissed her. "Yes!" repeated Bonnie. Shanna kissed her again. "Yes." said Bonnie again. Shanna kept kissing her little sister and Bonnie kept saying. "Yes."

Finally Shanna asked tiredly. "Can I ever stop kissing you?"

"No!" said Bonnie.

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