Sunday, May 12, 2013

Go to Bed Gia

Gia Fontana couldn't fall asleep. She didn't really want to go sleep anyway. Sleeping was so boring. There were so many more interesting things to do. She stared at the ceiling. She played with the toys on her bed for a while. She looked out the window. Suddenly, she saw a giant shadow outside her window. She leaped out of bed, raced down the hall and flung herself into Mommy and Daddy's room. "Mommy! Daddy!" she exclaimed with fright, "There is a Monster outside my window!"

Mommy frowned. She didn't believe it. She figured it was just Gia wasting time again. She knew Gia hated to go to bed.

"No, really, mommy. There is a Monster outside my window." insisted Gia.

"I'll go see." said Daddy. He took Gia back to her room. She stood outside the door as he went in the room. He flicked on the light. He went over to the window. He looked out. He laughed. "Come and see, Gia." he said.

Gia quietly tiptoed into the room. She put her fingers over her face and peered through them out the window. All she saw was the shadow of the giant oak tree in the yard. "Oh,." she said. "I thought it was a Monster."

Daddy tucked Gia back into bed. He kissed her on the forehead. "Go to bed, Gia." he said.

Gia still didn't sleep. She whispered songs to herself. She counted as high as she could. She wiggled her toes. Then, she heard a noise. This time she knew it was a Monster. She leaped out of bed, she raced down the hall, she flung herself into Mommy and Daddy's room. "This time there is really a Monster outside my window." she said.

Mommy frowned and folded her arms in front of her disappointedly. "Go to bed, Gia." she said. "There are no Monsters."

Gia didn't budge. If Mommy was so brave, let her go and face the Monster. Gia was not going back there to face that Monster all by herself.

Her Dad took her by the hand and led her back to her room.   He turned on the light again. He looked out the window. He smiled. He led Gia over to the window. He pointed out the window to the shutters banging against the house in the wind. "You see that is what was making the noise." he explained. "There are no Monsters. Now, go to bed, Gia."

By now, Gia was actually starting to get tired. She didn't even want to stay up anymore. She closed her eyes. Then, she heard another  noise. This time it sounded like it was coming from her own room.  Gia was more scared than ever. She leaped out of bed, she raced down the hall, she flung herself into Mommy and Daddy's room. "Please, mommy!' she cried. "Please Daddy." she said. "This time there really is a Monster and it's in my room!"

"Gia!" said her mother. "This is enough. You really need to go to bed. Go back to your room. We have already put you to bed three times."

Gia threw herself at her mother's feet. "Please, mommy." she cried. "Please don't make me go back there alone."

By now, Gia's father was getting angry too. He practically dragged Gia back to her room. He tucked her into her bed. He leaned down to kiss her, but then stood up suddenly. He had heard a noise too and it was definitely coming from somewhere in Gia's room. He tiptoed around the room listening carefully. Finally, he flung open the closet door. The sound got louder. Now, it sounded like a baby crying. "Mama! Mama!"

Gia hid under her covers. "Gia." said Daddy. Gia was startled and she dug even deeper under her covers. Daddy gently took her out from under. "Here is your Monster!" said Daddy placing Gia's favorite doll, Lillybelle into her arms. "Lillybelle fell out of the toybox in your  closet. She must have accidentally turned herself on when she fell." Daddy explained. Gia took  Lilybelle from Daddy. She flipped the switch and turned Lillybelle on. "Mama! Mama!" said Lillybelle. Gia quickly turned her off again.

"Go to bed, Gia." said Daddy. He tucked her in again. He kissed her, turned out the light and left her room. By now, Gia was exhausted. She closed her eyes and went right to sleep.

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