Thursday, April 25, 2013

Other People's Things

Orleigh Anderson was a girly girly. She loved to dress up. She loved to wear make up even though because of her young age, her mother only let her wear lip gloss and nail polish. Most of all she loved jewelry especially shiny sparkly jewelry. She would sit in front of her mother's dressing table for hours trying on her mother's jewelry. Her favorite piece was a necklace with sparkly colored stones on a thick gold chain. Orleigh couldn't wait to grow up and have beautiful jewelry like that of her own.

One afternoon, Orleigh was playing dress up. She was pretending she was a beautiful princess. She put on her favorite dress up dress. It was pinky and flowery. She put on  her favorite dress up shoes.They were pink too and had big pink bows. She brushed her hair and put a pretty pink ribbon in it. She put on a little lip gloss. Then, she looked in the mirror to admire herself. Something was definitely missing. She stared at herself in the mirror for a while.

"I know." she said finally. "I need some jewelry." She pulled her musical jewelry box off of the shelf and emptied it on to the floor. She searched through every piece of jewelry she owned and then frowned. Not one piece of jewelry she owned looked good enough for a princess.

Then, she thought of Mommy's sparkly stone necklace. That would be perfect! Orleigh knew she was not allowed to use Mommy's jewelry without permission. However, she couldn't stop thinking about how good it would look on her with her dress up clothes. She hurried quietly into Mommy's room. She wasn't going to take the necklace, she was just going to try it on and see how it looked with her outfit. She quietly slid open Mommy's jewelry drawer and pulled out the necklace. The sun shined through the window making the necklace really sparkle. Orleigh slipped the necklace around her neck and looked in the mirror. It was perfect and beautiful just like she knew it would be.

Just then, she heard a voice calling her. It was her mother, "Orleigh! Orleigh!" she said angrily. "Get down here! I have been calling you for ten minutes! It's time for lunch!"  Orleigh didn't want to make her mother even angrier. She forgot all about the necklace and hurried down to lunch.

That night Mommy and Daddy were going out to dinner for their anniversary. Orleigh was going to be staying with a babysitter. Orleigh excitedly watched Mommy get ready. Mommy looked so beautiful in her pretty white dress. She pinned her hair up in a bun with a couple of pins and put make up on. Then, she reached into her jewelry drawer and took out a pair of colorful stone earrings. She reached into her jewelry drawer again and came up empty handed. She frowned. She searched all through the drawer and then frowned again. She looked up at Orleigh. She did not look at all happy. "Orleigh," she said very slowly as if trying to keep herself from getting angry. "Were you playing with my colored stone necklace?"

Orleigh swallowed hard, but didn't say anything. Her mother glared at her. Finally, Orleigh nodded slowly and hung her head down.

"Then, where is it?" asked her mother. She didn't sound so much angry as disappointed. That was almost worse.

Orleigh suddenly remembered that she hadn't taken the necklace off. She reached her hands up to her neck, but the necklace was gone. Orleigh gasped.

"What's wrong?" asked Mommy. Her voice was a mixture of anger and concern.

"I'm sorry, mommy." cried Orleigh throwing herself at her mother's feet and begging for forgiveness.

"Orleigh." said Mommy quietly and calmly as she lifted up Orleigh's chin and forced her to look right in Mommy's eyes. "What do I always tell you about other people's things?"

"Don't touch other people's things without permission." replied Orleigh with a sigh.

"Because?" prompted Mommy.

"Because I wouldn't want anybody touching my things without permission." answered Orleigh. Just then she  spied something sparkly on the floor under Mommy's dressing table. She got down on her hands and knees and reached under the table and pulled out Mommy's necklace. "Mommy!" she said excitedly handing the necklace to her mother.

Mommy took the necklace and slid it around her neck. "This is not over. " she said. "I am happy you found my necklace again, but we are still going to have to discuss a punishment for you for taking it in the first place."

"I know, Mommy." replied Orleigh. Right now, she didn't even care she was just so relieved that the necklace had been found.

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