Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jeannie the Queen of the World

Jeannie Morris was very bossy. She was always telling her little sister, Jessie what to do. "Let's play Barbies." she said.

"I would rather play pet shops." said Jessie.

Jeannie shook her head. "No, we are playing Barbies." she insisted.

"Who died and left you Queen of the World, Jeannie? asked Jessie resentfully.

However, in the end they did what Jeannie wanted like they always did.

Jeannie was bossy with her friends too. She decided what they would do, where they would do it and for how long they would do it. "I'm tired of watching this show." she would say to her best friends, Ruby and Elinor as they sat on the couch after school watching TV together, "Change the channel." And, they did. They knew better than to argue. Even when the tried to give a different opinion than Jeannie's Jeannie would give them an angry look, and they would instantly back down.

Life went along happily and peacefully. At least Jeannie thought so. Until Ophelia Rayburn moved to town. Jeannie wanted to like Ophelia. She really did. She considered herself a nice friendly girl. She and Ruby and Elinor went over to Ophelia's house at their first opportunity. "Hello." she said warmly. "I'm Jeannie and this is Ruby and Elinor." she added pointing to her friends.

Ophelia seemed nice enough at first. "Hello." she said back equally as warmly. "I'm Ophelia."

"Would you like to come over to my house with us?" asked Jeannie.

"Let's play in my backyard." said Ophelia. She did not say it as if it were a suggestion. Jeannie gave her an angry look that would have instantly melted Ruby or Elinor, but Ophelia didn't even blink. "Come on let's go." Ophelia urged. Ruby and Elinor who were used to taking orders followed immediately. Not wanting to be left out, Jeannie reluctantly followed too.

In the backyard, Jeannie tried to take back control of the situation. "Let's go on the swing set." she said and she did not mean it as a suggestion.

"Let's built a sand castle in my sandbox." said Ophelia. She did not mean it as a suggestion either. Jeannie glared at her. Ophelia starred right back at Jeannie. Ruby and Elinor hesitated for a minute but eventually followed Ophelia. It was her house after all. Jeannie went along too. She did not like to be left out even more than she did not like to not be in control. She was not happy to go along though. She did not like that Ophelia. She did not like her at all.

Finally, it was time for Ophelia to go inside. "Goodbye," she called out as she went into her house. "Thanks for coming. We'll play again tomorrow."

"Goodbye." replied Ruby and Elinor. They didn't seem upset at all. In fact, they seemed to like Ophelia. Jeannie couldn't understand it. She held her tongue and said nothing.

As soon as they had moved away from Ophelia's house, Jeannie could hold her tongue no longer. "I don't like that Ophelia." she said angrily.

"Why?" asked Ruby.

"She seems like a nice girl." added Elinor. They seemed surprised that Jeannie didn't like Ophelia.

"She is just so bossy." replied Jeannie surprised that she even had to tell them. She couldn't believe that they couldn't see it for themselves. "We always have to do what she wants to do."

Ruby and Elinor exchanged looks. Then, they burst out laughing.

Jeannie didn't see what was so funny. "What's with you two?" she asked a little more angry than curious.

Ruby and Elinor instantly stopped laughing. "Oh, Jeannie." Ruby said very seriously. "You are exactly the same way." Elinor bobbed her head up and down in agreement.

"No, I am not!" Jeannie insisted.

"You really are." replied Elinor although she didn't say it with anger. "I mean can you think of one single time ever that we did what Ruby or I wanted to do and not what you wanted to do?"

Jeannie instantly opened her mouth to defend herself. "There was the time --" she said, but she didn't say anything else. She realized she couldn't think of any time ever that they did what Ruby or Elinor wanted to do instead of what she wanted to do. She hung her head sadly. She was not a good friend at all. She was just like that awful Ophelia.

Ruby and Elinor immediately came to her defense. "Don't get us wrong." said Ruby. "We love you and your our friend."

"Yes." added Elinor, "But it would be nice if you weren't always so bossy."

Jeannie instantly felt much better. She had the best friends in the world. She surely didn't deserve them, but from now on she was going to do much better or at least she hoped so. "I'll try." she promised.

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