Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Stupid Bowl

Something was happening, Haylee Norwood knew it. She just didn't know what it was, but she kept hearing everyone talk about it excitedly. The stupid bowl this, and the stupid bowl that. That's all anyone talked about these days. Haylee couldn't understand why people were so excited about something that had the word stupid in the title. Anyway, whatever it was it was happening today. She figured she better quickly  go find out what it was. She didn't want to miss out.

She went in her mother and father's room and found her mother. Her mother was on the phone looking very unhappy. "I ordered it two weeks ago." she said angrily into the phone. Haylee should have known better than to interrupt her mother when her mother was on the phone especially when she busy yelling at somebody on the other end. However, she really wanted to know what the stupid bowl was so she went over to her mother anyway.

"Mommy," she said softly when she approached her mother. When Mommy didn't answer, she touched her mother's arm to get her attention. When she still didn't answer, Haylee called out "Mommy!" again, but this time louder and began shaking her mother's arm.

Mommy temporarily moved the phone away from ear and gave Haylee a red angry look. "Not now, Haylee." she scolded. "I am having a house full of company today and the sub shop can't find our order."

"But Mommy." said Haylee. "I want to know what the stupid bowl is."

Mommy put her finger to her lips, shook her head and motioned for Haylee to go away. Haylee frowned and slowly exited the room. She went downstairs and found her father vacuuming. "Daddy," she said, "What's the stupid bowl?"

Daddy couldn't hear over the noise of the vacuum. "What's that?" he asked.

"What's the stupid bowl?" Haylee asked again a little bit louder, but Daddy still couldn't hear her.

He shook his head. "Later, pumpkin." he said. "I'm kind of busy right now." He continued vacuuming. Haylee frowned again and went off to look for someone else.

She noticed the basement door was open and was starting to go down when her she saw her brother, Greg coming up carrying a couple of chairs."Greg," she said. "What's the stupid bowl?"

"Haylee, get out of the way before you get hurt!" yelled Greg. He didn't even answer her question. Haylee frowned once more and sighed. How was she ever going to find out what the stupid bowl was if nobody would tell her? She slowly dragged herself back upstairs. She headed for her room. All she wanted to do was lie down on her bed and feel sorry for herself. She was going to missing out on the stupid bowl because she didn't know what it was. She figured it must be something great because a lot of people seemed really excited about it.

As she walked by her sister, Zoey's room, she noticed Zoey sitting on the bed painting her toenails. She decided to take advantage of the fact that Zoey didn't have the phone attached to her ear for once and ask her about the stupid bowl."Zoey, what's the stupid bowl?" she asked quickly as she entered the room before Zoey had a chance to tell her to go away.

Zoey stopped painting her nails for a minute and looked up. "The what?" she asked in surprise.

"The stupid bowl." repeared Haylee. "You know, the stupid bowl that everyone is talking about."

"Oh." said Zoey as she suddenly understood. "You mean the Super Bowl. That's a big football game."

Haylee's eyes opened wide. She couldn't believe it. A football game?! Everyone was getting so excited about a football game? "Are you sure?" she asked finally.

Zoey nodded. "Yes." she said. "The Super Bowl is a football game." She went back to painting her nails.

Haylee hated football. She couldn't believe that so many people could be so excited about a football game. "That is stupid." she said.

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