Monday, March 18, 2013

Miranda Makes Up Her Mind

Miranda Quinn could never make up her mind. She woke up in the morning and stared into her closet. Maybe she would wear her black jeans or maybe she would wear her blue ones. Maybe, she would wear her striped shirt and maybe she would wear her polka-dot one. Maybe, she would wear her sneakers maybe she would wear her flats. Maybe, she would wear her hair up; maybe she would wear it down.

By the time, she finished getting dressed and went downstairs, it was almost time to leave for school. "Sit down quickly. It's late. " her mother told her. "What would you like for breakfast?" she added as Miranda slid into a seat.

Miranda chewed on her lip and thought. Maybe, she would have a bagel or maybe a muffin. Maybe, she would have orange juice or maybe milk.

"Miranda!" shouted her mother finally cutting into Miranda's thoughts. "It's too late. You don't have time for anything. You'll be late for school." She quickly ushered Miranda into a coat before Miranda had a chance to think about which one to wear. She didn't want Miranda to miss the bus.

At school, Miranda didn't get to do her art project because she couldn't decide which color crayon to start with red or blue. She didn't get to eat lunch because she couldn't decide if she wanted a sandwich or a bagel. She didn't play at recess because she couldn't decide if she wanted to go on the slide or the swings first.

When she came home, she was starving. She was grateful that her mom had put out a snack for her and she didn't have to think about it. After snack, she couldn't decide whether to do her reading or her math homework. She just sat there staring into space until her mother said "Miranda! Do your homework! It's getting late already. It will be dinner soon." Miranda looked at her mother helplessly until her mother opened Miranda's pink flowered backpack and took out Miranda's math homework and put it in front of her. "Here do this!" she said.

They somehow managed to get through the rest of the day with her mother helping Miranda to make choices. That night as she was putting Miranda to bed, her mother said. "Miranda, my sweet, this has to stop. You need to learn to make choices without worrying about them so much."

Miranda eye's filled with tears. "But mommy." she said. "Every time,  I pick something I am not picking something else. What if I make the wrong choice?"

Miranda's mother smoothed the hair back off Miranda's face and said softly. "Sometimes, there are no wrong choices. If you don't wear your blue jeans today you'll wear them tomorrow. If you don't have a bagel today you'll have one tomorrow. Do your math first or your reading first, you'll still get them both done if you start doing them. Stop worrying so much about life's little choices so you have more time to worry about the big ones."

"I'll try, mommy." Miranda promised. Her mother kissed her and turned out the light.

The next morning, Miranda went into her closet and grabbed the first shirt and pair of pants she found. She saw her sneakers under her bed so she put them on. When she went to brush her hair she found a pretty purple clip on the counter so she put it in her hair.

She went downstairs and sat down at the table. Her mother had laid out a bagel for her breakfast. "Would you prefer a muffin?" her mother asked.'

Miranda stared at the bagel for a minute without saying a word. Her mother started to say something thinking Miranda was not going to be able to make a choice again. She didn't want Miranda to miss breakfast again. However, as soon as her mother opened her mouth, Miranda quickly said "I don't want a bagel or a muffin. What I'd really like is a Pop Tart."

"Sure. Coming right up." said her mother proudly smiling at her daughter. "Would you like a strawberry Pop Tart or a chocolate fudge one?"

Miranda frowned and bit her lip. She loved them both and hadn't had either in a while. "You choose for me, mommy." she begged finally. Sometimes, it was just easier to let someone else choose.

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