Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lee Ann and her Little Sister

Lee Ann Vincent had a younger sister, Lucy. Lucy was four years younger. Lucy adored Lee Ann. She followed her everywhere. She copied everything Lee Ann did. She repeated everything Lee Ann said. She wanted to be just like her sister. Lee Ann found it rather annoying.

"Can you please make her stop following me around?" Lee Ann begged their mother. "Can you please make her stop copying me? Can you please make me her stop repeating everything I say?  It's really annoying!"

"You should appreciate having a sister who adores you so much." said Mom. "It's not going to last forever."

Lee Ann couldn't imagine that. She couldn't wait for the day when Lucy would leave her alone. In the meantime. Lucy kept following her around and copying her.

Every day, when Lee Ann came home from school, Lucy was waiting by the door. "Lee Ann!" she would say excitedly throwing her arms around her sister and hugging her. "I missed you!" Lee Ann would give her a little smile and a half hug and then go off to have a snack and do her homework. It wasn't that she didn't care about her little sister at all. She just felt crowded by her. She just wanted some space.

Lucy just didn't get it. Even when Lee Ann was doing her homework, she sat nearby and played and pretended to do her homework too. "I hate homework!" she would say imitating her big sister.

When Lee Ann was 10, she was in the fifth grade. She started a new school. It was just for fifth and sixth graders. Lucy was 6. She started first grade. She went to a different school.

Lee Ann was happy because she would now get home one half hour earlier than Lucy. "At least, I'll have a half hour to myself." she said happily.

The first day, the half hour went quickly. Lee Ann sighed as she heard the door open and Lucy come in happily chatting away to Mom who had picked her up at the bus stop. "Oh great." she thought miserably waiting for the sound of Lucy's footsteps on the stairs as she came to invade Lee Ann's space. She waited a few minutes, but there was nothing but silence. She waited a few more. Still nothing. 'Something must be wrong' she thought. She hurried down the steps.

Lucy was sitting at the table finishing a cheese stick. "Hi." she said when she saw her big sister.

"Hi." replied Lee Ann. That explained it. Lucy was having a snack, and now, she would surely be coming to hang around like always. Lucy finished eating. She and Lee Ann both headed for the stairs and went up at the same time. Lee Ann got ready to tell her little sister to stay out of her room. When she turned around Lucy was not there. She had gone into her own room. Lee Ann just stood there with her mouth open.

After a minute or so, Lee Ann went in to Lucy's room. Lucy was sitting at her big wooden desk with papers and pencils spread in front of her. "Don't you want to hang around while I do my homework?" Lee Ann asked.

Lucy looked surprised. "You hate when I do that." she said. "Besides, I have my own homework to do." she said. "So could you please close the door on the way out?"

Lee Ann didn't know what to say. She wasn't used to Lucy being the one to throw Lee Ann out of the room. She wasn't sure she liked this turn of events.

Just as she backed out of the room and shut the door, Mom suddenly appeared in the hall. "Our litte girl's growing up." said Mom pointing toward Lucy's door.

"Wasn't it just yesterday that she was a cute little baby?' asked Lee Ann.

"Wasn't it just yesterday that you were?" said Mom. She smiled at Lee Ann. "It looks like you've finally gotten what you wanted. Lucy stopped following you around. Lucy stopped repeating everything you say. Lucy stopped copying you."

"Yeah," replied Lee Ann, "but I kind of miss it.

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