Friday, March 22, 2013

Fiona The Flower Girl

Fiona Wallace was 7 years old. Her sister Bridget was 22 . They had the same mother but not the same father. From the moment, Fiona was born, Bridget adored her and the feeling was mutual. When Bridget went to college, every semester Fiona couldn't wait for the semester to end and Bridget to come home. She was so happy when Bridget graduated and came back.

Bridget had only been home a short time when Fiona was playing in the backyard one day. "Hey Fi!" she called to her little sister. "Come and talk to me."

Fiona couldn't help smiling. Nobody but Bridget called her Fi. She came up to the patio and sat in a chair next to her sister. As soon as she settled herself, she looked up into her sister's face. Bridget's face held a very serious expression. "Is everything okay?" asked Fiona worriedly.

"Oh everything is good." Bridget assured her with a smile. "Everything is really good. I just have something to tell you."

Fiona couldn't imagine what it could be. "Okay." she said eying her sister curiously.

"Justin and I are getting married." gushed Bridget all in a rush.

Fiona's jaw dropped. She sat there stunned but didn't stay anything.

"You like Justin, don't you Fi?"

Fiona nodded. Sure she liked Justin. He was really nice to her. He took Fiona to the Boardwalk with he and Bridget and won Fiona stuffed animals. Still, she would rather have Bridget stay living with her than be married to Justin.

"There's more." said Bridget excitedly.

'More?' thought Fiona unhappily. Bridget was already going to be getting married and moving out. What else could there be? She wasn't sure she wanted to know.

"I was kind of hoping you would be the flower girl at my wedding."

Fiona didn't say anything.

"You would get new outfit just for the wedding"

Fiona was a little bit interested now. She loved getting new clothes.

"You  could wear a pretty gown ."

"Like a princess?" asked Fiona. Now, she was even more interested.

"Like a princess." said Bridget. "And you'd get to hold a basket of flowers."

"Pretty pink ones?"

"Pretty pink ones." promised Bridget. "And you'd get to walk down the aisle just like me."

Now, Fiona was really interested. She loved being the center of attention. She thought about walking down the aisle in front of all their friends and family wearing a beautiful princess dress and carrying a basket of pretty pink flowers. She smiled. "I'd like to be your flower girl." she said to her sister.

"Great!" said Bridget lifting Fiona into her arms and kissing her.

The next few months were taken up with wedding preparations.A place for the wedding was picked. Bridget got a wedding dress a beautiful ball gown covered with beads. Fiona got a dress too. A long pink satin dress with a purple sash. A band was hired. Flowers and food were picked out.

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. Fiona felt so grown up in her pretty dress and with her hair pinned up. She even had a new gold locket around her neck that Bridget and Justin gave her for being in the wedding.She walked down the aisle proudly holding her flower basket and smiling. During the rest of the wedding ceremony, she sat in the front row with her mother and father.

Afterwards, there was a big party. There was lots of dancing and food. Fiona had never had so much fun in her life. She had also never partied as long or stayed up as late. At the end of the night as Bridget was saying good night to the last few guests, Fiona sunk tiredly into a chair.

A few minutes later, Mom, Dad, Bridget and Justin came looking for her. "Thank you for being my flower girl, Fi." Bridget said. Fiona didn't say anything. "Fi?" said Bridget. Fiona still didn't say anything.

"Look." said Justin pointing to Fiona. "The poor little thing is all tired out." He pointed to Fiona fast asleep in the chair.

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